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Valentines done gluten free (at home)!!!

So most of you know that last Valentines, my sweet little Madden boy was only about two weeks old so of course, we decided to keep everything low key (as low key as Valentines can be with it being my favorite holiday! 😉 and at home. My hubby and I take turns planning the events that will take place for Valentines. I LOVE this holiday so much since I am all girl and love mushy, cheesy lovey-dovey, pink, hearts and anything that has to do with love at all (my poor hubby right? 😉 I figure, since it is a big holiday in our house, it really isn’t fair to make Josh do everything every year, so we take turns. This year was my turn. While I don’t care about presents or anything like that, I do care about love notes and a thoughtful day or evening. I know my husband and my son Jaxton just LOVE chocolate so what would be better than a gluten free chocolate fountain that we could all enjoy in the comfort of our own home?! This was a wonderful Valentines surprise for my family that didn’t cost too much and was delicious! Here is what you need:

A chocolate fountain and gluten free chocolate
Bananas, strawberries, and fresh-cut pineapple (plus any other fruit you like)
Gluten free cookies and graham crackers
Gluten free pretzels
Gluten free cake cut into little squares
Gluten free marshmallows
And finally…gluten free mini chocolate candy bars (for those like my hubs who can’t get enough chocolate 😉
Oh and long skewers or fondue forks

Another Valentines tradition in our house is to make my mom’s inspired gluten free sugar cookies and decorate them in all kinds of fun V-day decor and pink tinted frosting. The kiddos love this activity every year!

For breakfast, I always try and do something pink, red or just in the shape of hearts. This year I decided to do heart shaped toasts and fried eggs using my metal heart cookie cutter. Could that be any easier?! So cute too! Top with raspberry or strawberry jam and now you have the red color as well!

Here are a few of our other Valentines from the past:

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