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Reviews: King Soba Noodles, Triumph Dining: The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide and Static Eliminator

Triumph Dining: The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide-

With over 30,000 Products covered including 12,00 brand names you know that you will be able to enjoy some easy breezy gluten free shopping with Triumph Dining’s The Essential Gluten free Grocery Guide. This book offers an easy layout for finding your most beloved food brands status on gluten free as well as some great newbies. Symbols for the gluten free status (dedicated facility to company says it is gluten free but that was the end of their discussion) really helps you along the path to finding the gluten free foods you are most comfortable with putting in your body based on their production process.
I really enjoyed the yummy color ads throughout the book as well. It introduced me to some new lines I was unaware of as well as reminded me of favorites I didn’t want to forget while shopping. Truly, everything is covered in this book from dessert toppings to baby formula. This is, in my mind, a necessity in every gluten free household.
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King Soba Noodles-

These are an excellent gluten free noodle for all your ethnic and American cooking needs. From Pad Thai and Vermicelli to Brown Rice Udon and Pumpkin, Ginger and Rice noodles they really do have a huge variety of options to choose from. The flavors were very good and really did meet all of my noodle needs. I especially enjoy the pad Thai noodles for Thai specific cooking. They worked very well. Cooking them was simple and they held up well. The unique taste of the pumpkin, ginger and rice noodle gave a great base for a nice creamy noodle dish with chicken. A pasta like this just begs to be experimented with!
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Static Eliminator-

I hadn’t used dryer sheets in over 5 years until I found Static Eliminator. These odor free, chemical free and re-usable dryer sheets have been a Heaven send for my family! I love that we can continue in our New Years resolutions to live a more natural lifestyle by using the Static Eliminators when drying our clothes in the dryer. The Static Eliminator safely eliminates static while softening your clothes and reducing the number of wrinkles you see in over 500 loads of laundry! The best part is that this is all done without any chemicals. The sheets are 100% hypo-allergenic and safe for those with allergies. Another thing I just love about Static Eliminator is that they are a proud sponsor of breast cancer recovery. I just love when companies support good causes. For those looking for a natural alternative to chemical filled dryer sheets, this is your answer! They can be purchased on their website or at The Gluten Free Mall.
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*Please keep in mind that not all of these companies are dedicated gluten free facilities. They do however, meet the standards for gluten free labeling. Please always use your own discretion when choosing to enjoy a gluten free product as we are not responsible for any one else and their consumption of these products.

**Each of these companies provided me with sample product for review purposes on this website. I was not paid or compensated in any other way for my reviews. They are my opinions and my opinions alone.

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