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Gluten Free Restaurant Review: Park City Pizza Company (UT)

I just love finding a great gluten free pizza. For a girl who loves pizza as much or more than your average school age kid, I was thrilled to find this great restaurant, Park City Pizza Company. Nestled in the hills of Park City, Utah, this pizza joint in unique in that it offers not only a great traditional menu but a great gluten free menu as well. The menu isn’t just a typical pizza and salad but much, much more! The gluten free menu features four specialty pizzas including combo, lumberjack (meaty), weed eater (veggie) and The Hawaiian, or if you prefer, you can even build your own pizza. Also on the menu is a lasagna, baked ziti and meatballs. As well as, a hot ham and cheese or grilled cheese sandwich made on none other than the delicious Udi’s bread. Garlic or cheese bread are other great gluten free sides that is offered at Park City Pizza Company. Three large, restaurant size slices of yummy gluten free bread make this dish what it is. Finally, you can round off your meal with a garden or Caesar salad topped with delicious dressing as all dressing are gluten free including the ranch. You know I love that!

The Gluten Free Institute gave this restaurant its gluten free certification stamp which gives you even more confidence in dining here. The owner seemed very concerned about the gluten free dining experience which was another confidence booster in gluten free dining here. I was made aware that perforated oven pans (screens) are used to cook the gluten free pizzas on. All toppings are also kept in the walk in freezer, and that is where gluten free pizzas are made as to avoid any cross contamination.

We began our review dining experience by being seated and visiting with a worker who has gluten intolerance and eats off of the gluten free menu herself. She let us know that we would be enjoying a gluten free pizza and garlic bread. We chose the combo pizza that was topped with cheese, pepperoni, sausage, Canadian bacon, ground beef, mushrooms, olives, red onion and green pepper. Next to our table was a stack of fun games including a deck of Battle of the Sexes cards which we just had to grab while waiting for our food. I was so glad we did. It gave us the opportunity to laugh a little before enjoying a tasty meal.

Our garlic bread arrived hot and crispy just as you would like your garlic bread too. Large, white pieces of Udi’s bread were toasted and topped with butter, garlic and fresh parsley. It was very good! The pizza had great flavor. I really enjoyed the sauce as it was one of the most distinctly delicious sauces I have enjoyed on a pizza yet. There was a very hearty helping of fresh vegetables and the crust was sturdy enough to pick up and eat while also being just the right amount of chewy. Not only was our food delicious but I need to note that the prices on the gluten free menu were also very competitive with the sandwiches between $5-7 and the lasagna $10.

Next time you are in Park City, UT be sure to stop by this great little pizza joint for a delicious gluten free Italian meal.

Park City Pizza Company

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  1. This is another of my favorite places to eat when we visit SLC. I wish we lived closer as I know I would eat Park City Pizza once a week! I loved the garlic bread too!

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