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Gluten Free Frenzy on Channel 12 News Arizona Midday-Gluten Free Holidays!!!

We had such an amazing time with Jan and Ann over at Arizona Midday talking about some of the wonderful things you can still enjoy at Christmas time without having it be filled with gluten. We featured our favorite cinnamon rolls from Julia’s Bakery, a local baker (whom you will have the chance to meet and win stuff from this month!) as well as the one and only, Pamela’s Products. We showed how easy Christmas traditions like rolling out sugar cookies can be with Pamela’s Bread Mix (that’s right, bread mix for roll-out sugar cookies!) We also asked our sweet friend and colleague, Angela Saban of Angela Saban Design and Angel Cakes Bakery (more to come on her I promise!) to come along for the show and share her amazing gluten free holiday treats. It was a blast and I know the crew loved all the treats we brought along and couldn’t even tell they were gluten free!

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