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Barro’s Pizza Gluten Free Menu Review and Feature

So if you are living in Arizona like I am than you already know how delicious Barro’s pizza is. Did you know they also have gluten free pizza?! That’s right, and it is very good! It reminds me so much of a yummy pizza I used to eat at Domino’s as a kid. I love that it is a little more greasy than many others I’ve had which is what I’ve missed with gluten free pizza. The simple joy of a REAL take out pizza that has excellent flavor and just enough cheese and toppings. This is absolutely my go to pizza joint for quick and inexpensive gluten free pizza. Gluten Free Creations Bakery is the maker of the crust so I imagined that it would taste just the same as the other gluten free pizza restaurants that carry their pizza crust but no, no. It is something even more special with Barro’s delicious sauce, cheese and toppings. Barro’s does a great job at getting the crust crispy while managing to keep the middle perfectly chewy as pizza should be. Great job Barro’s!

Visit their website for all valley locations:
Barro’s Pizza
(We love the Gilbert/Baseline location since it is close to our home.)

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