25 Days of Christmas Giveaways…Gluten Free of Course Event! #20 Gluten Free Country Store

Gluten Free Country Store is an amazing, gluten free grocery store here in Arizona that deserves special mention. If you are ever in Arizona, it is worth making a trip just to visit this store. The owner, Gary, is so friendly and always makes you feel welcome. Just once or twice visiting and he will know who you are and probably even your favorite item. Co-owner, Jim Coombs is also incredibly friendly and always excited to see you. I appreciate him always taking the time to make my kiddos smile. I love the personal touch of this small store atmosphere. The Gluten Free Country Store carries EVERYTHING gluten free under the sun. You can get nationwide brands such as Udi’s, Kinnikinnick and Pamela’s to local favorites like Julia’s Bakery cinnamon rolls, red velvet cupcakes and specialty cakes (don’t worry we will be featuring her too so you will get a chance to win her yummy treats ;).

Gary is incredibly knowledgeable about gluten free and even dairy free living. If he doesn’t have the answer you are looking for (which is quite rare) he will have a resource for you to contact in order to get your question answered. You can find many great doctors and other health professionals information on his welcome information table. I know many who have found great health professionals and companies to assist them in their gluten free journey from this table. Did I mention that Gary is also my Vice-President to the AZ East Valley Celiac Disease Foundation support group? He has done a wonderful job of connecting his customers with this great support group that meets monthly to hear from some of the best professionals in the valley, not to mention eat the best gluten free foods! Gary is actively involved in his community spreading the good news that living gluten free doesn’t have to be boring. Every time I go to his store I leave excited about more than one new item I found as well as my all time favorites. I really appreciate that with the Gluten Free Country Store, gluten free living can be fun AND delicious!

So are you ready to win some Gluten Free Country Store products?!

**(2) Grand Prize Winners- will be receiving a gift box with tons of great gluten free items valued at $50.00! Some items include, Cadia Fusilli pasta, Roads End DF Mac & Cheese, Energ Pretzels, Bookbinder clam chowder, Just fruit bars, Snap dragon sea salt & vinegar rice crackers, lundberg short grain brown rice sample, Laurel Hill Cranberry Beans
and more…..
all for themselves!!!

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**25 Days of Christmas Giveaways, Gluten Free of Course! Event…FREE, EASY way to snag some gluten free swag!!! :)

25 Days of Christmas Giveaways, Gluten Free of Course! Event
When: Dec. 1-31 2011

What: During this AMAZING event we will be featuring 25 hand selected companies and offering a gluten free giveaway as well, EVERY day!!! We know that gluten free living isn’t always cheap, especially at this time of year so we thought all of our amazing readers deserved a little gluten free TLC!

A new giveaway will be introduced EVERY day but all giveaways will be open through the end of December. Entries for these giveaways will be one or two EASY steps. Winners will be drawn the 1st wk. of January.


  1. Left a comment on FB about my fave frozen food Kettle Cuisine gluten free roasted vegetable soup.

  2. GFF email subscriber

  3. I love fully gluten-free stores!


  4. I would love to try their Clam Chowder!

  5. I posted on your facebook page.


  6. I'm a subscriber


  7. Thanked them on facebook


  8. I would really love the “just fruit bars” and the mac and cheese and… this is a great giveaway!

  9. Breads and pastas are our family favorites.

  10. I like the store on facebook and thanked them for the giveaway opportunity.

  11. I am new to GF, but so far my favorite product is tates cookies

  12. I am an email subscriber

  13. I'd like to find some Udi's pizza crust.

  14. Snap dragon sea salt & vinegar rice crackers sound delectable. angelikness@yahoo.com

  15. kimledford65@gmail.com

    my favorite item I would like to find is any kind of cracker or hamburger bun that taste like a real bun….i miss them soo….

  16. my favorite frozen item is listed on your facbook page


  17. Commented on your FB page that our favorite frozen gf food is bread!! angelikness@yahoo.com

  18. Retweeted the giveaway and tagged your page.

  19. Visited GF Country store on FB and thanked them for the giveaway. angelikness@yahoo.com

  20. i retweeted your giveaway as kledford65


  21. We already subscribe to your wonderful blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! angelikness@yahoo.com

  22. We already subscribe to your wonderful blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! angelikness@yahoo.com

  23. i thanked them for the giveaway on their facebook page..

  24. i usbscribe to your blog via email


  25. My all time favorite gf product is Udi's chocolate muffins.

    lovepoetes at aol dot com

  26. I left a comment about my favorite gf frozen food on facebook.

    lovepoetes at aol dot com

  27. I already subscribe to gff by email.

    lovepoetes at aol dot com

  28. I love, love, love the GF Country store. I did not know they have red velvet cupcakes. I need one!

  29. I subscribed to your email at Gluten Free Frenzy!

  30. I love the GF Country store–I visit there at least 1-2x/month, Gary is so knowledgeable about products and I think he gives an honest review of them. One product that is difficult to find is a really good GF, soy free mushroom soup, similar to taste to Campbell s to be used in casseroles etc. There are GF ones out there, but soy free is not easy to find.


  31. Would love to find Pamela's White Chocolate/Raspberry cheesecakes here.

  32. I am subscribed to gff by email.

  33. Wow, all-time favorite, that's a tall order! I once tried a honey-glazed donut at a gluten-free fair that I've been dreaming of ever since, and kicking myself for forgeting the manufacturer. Sigh. Well, without knowing that, I would have to say the Amy's GF Dairy-Free Mac and Cheese gets me every time. I bet they carry it, too!
    pabav (at) aol (dot) com

  34. I really like Schar pasta and wish I could find their different shapes they offer on-line like lasagne and Tagliatelle. I also like quinoa pasta.


  35. I left a comment on your FB page.


  36. I tweeted @inloveindc.


  37. I commented on facebook

  38. I love kettle cuisine soups, they're so good, especially the chicken noodle. I also love Amy's gluten free burritos. I also love Sweet Sin Bakery products. Their cookies are awesome and they make amazing cupcakes.

  39. I forgot my email.
    gervitsd@verizon dot net

    I love kettle cuisine.

  40. French Meadows brownies are so delicious!


  41. ohhhhh mac and cheese one of my favorite comfort foods.


  42. Just commented on your FB page

  43. Retweet!! Day #20


  44. Just thanked GF Country Store on FB!


  45. Gary's store is not just Gary's store! He always makes you feel comfortable as if it is your store. We love to get Julia's cinammon rolls, Tom Sawyer Flour,and many numerous frozen food items that we can't find anywhere else like soft pretzels. Yummy place and I recommend it to all and have even brought families to share the joy too.


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