25 Days of Christmas Giveaways…Gluten Free of Course #15 NuNaturals

We had the opportunity of reviewing a bunch of the great products NuNaturals has to offer from the traditional and vanilla stevia drops to the white stevia powder and stevia packets. There are SO many products offered by this company that everyone can find something they are looking for. The nice thing about these products is that they can be used in baking or raw, like in a shake. Speaking of shakes, we tried making breakfast shakes with the stevia drops and they were delicious. We just put ice, organic milk, a little organic plain yogurt, peanut butter, cocoa powder, tons of raw spinach and a little bit of stevia in the blender and whamo! It was a delicious shake! Plus, I could drink lots and not feel guilty since it was sweetened with a natural, no-calorie sweetener. I also tried using the stevia in my zucchini and banana bread recipes and I loved it! My hubby preferred the sugar bread but he doesn’t have to worry about sugar calories too much either. I liked the taste and even more, that I could have a treat sweetened with stevia.

Stevia can be used in beverages like herbal tea as well. One of the hardest things my friend and I struggle with when enjoying herbal tea is that we use too much sugar to sweeten it. So with a little help from some stevia, we were able to keep our calorie count low while also enjoying the sweetened herbal tea! Yay!

So are you ready to win some NuNaturals Products all for yourself?!

**(1) Grand Prize Winner- will be receiving a NuNaturals “WELLNESS GIFT BASKET” worth $100.00 all for themselves!!!

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(Required) Just leave a comment in the comments section at the bottom of this post, after visiting NuNaturals website and tell me which of their products sounds the yummiest to you.

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**25 Days of Christmas Giveaways, Gluten Free of Course! Event…FREE, EASY way to snag some gluten free swag!!! :)

25 Days of Christmas Giveaways, Gluten Free of Course! Event
When: Dec. 1-31 2011

What: During this AMAZING event we will be featuring 25 hand selected companies and offering a gluten free giveaway as well, EVERY day!!! We know that gluten free living isn’t always cheap, especially at this time of year so we thought all of our amazing readers deserved a little gluten free TLC!

A new giveaway will be introduced EVERY day but all giveaways will be open through the end of December. Entries for these giveaways will be one or two EASY steps. Winners will be drawn the 1st wk. of January.


  1. I love the More Fiber Stevia Baking Blend.

  2. Email subscriber.

  3. I would love to try the baking blend, I've never baked with stevia!

  4. I would love to try out some of their supplements.


  5. I posted on your facebook.


  6. Thanked them on their Facebook page


  7. I'm an email subscriber.


  8. I would also like to try the baking blend. Thanks for the intro to another new product.

  9. I am an email subscriber

  10. Love MoreFiber™ Stevia Baking Blend™ Powder 14.11 oz

  11. I commented on FB

  12. The Vanilla Stevia drops definitely win my heart.

  13. Followed NuNaturals on twitter!

  14. And hopefully an email subscriber, so long as it worked properly…

  15. I have always wanted to try Sweet X™ Xylitol Crystals. rebecca.klooz@gmail.com

  16. I commented on your facebook page about what I would use the products for/in. rebecca.klooz@gmail.com

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  20. I am subscribed to your e-mails at rebecca.klooz@yahoo.com

  21. The About Singing Dog™ Vanilla Beans 2 Pack would be awesome. I'd like to make vanilla extract with them.

  22. Left you a comment on your FB page that we would use About Singing Dog™ Vanilla Beans 2 Pack to make our own vanilla extract.

  23. Retweeted the giveaway!

  24. Thanked NuNaturals on Facebook! angelikness@yahoo.com

  25. I think the yummiest is the organic cinnamon sticks! I'd love to try these! :)


  26. I liked Nunatruals on facebook and thanked them for the giveaway :)


  27. Vanilla stevia! Yum!
    stef_ray at hotmail dot com

  28. On GFF's facebook page, I wrote, “I love using the NuNaturals concentrated stevia drops (in the plastic bottle) with my water and a little juice (lemon or cranberry) for a refreshing drink several times a week!”


  29. I checked out the NuNaturals website, and I had no idea that they had so many products! I still like the liquid stevia drops in the plastic bottle the best, though I'd be interested in trying it in a glass bottle.


  30. I would love the Stevia drops for my morning tea!


  31. Just left a comment on your FB page!!!


  32. My blog is being taken over by GF giveaways!!!!


  33. Just retweeted #15 Giveaway NuNaturals


  34. Thanks NuNaturals! Like them on FB.


  35. Following @nunaturals #240


  36. On facebook, I went to NuNaturals profile page and wrote, “Thank you for offering your products in the 25 Days of Christmas Giveaways at Gluten Free Frenzy!”


  37. Vanilla Stevia drops? I want to try some : )


  38. Vanilla stevia drops sound the yummiest. I am thinking they would go great in coffee. :)

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