25 Days of Christmas Giveaways, Gluten Free of Course! #1 Applegate Farms

Could there be more tasty meats and cheeses out there? I think not! In addition to being natural, nitrate-free and many even organic, Applegate Farms offers the most delicious gluten free meats and cheeses. I recently had the opportunity to review a varitey of lunch meats and cheeses as well as the pepperoni, Canadian bacon, breakfast sausage and bacon, cocktail weenies, gluten free corn dogs and gluten free chicken nuggets.

Each of the Applegate Farms products I reviewed was absolutely delicious! They were so full of flavor. I especially loved the Havarti and Swiss Cheeses. The pepperoni was delicious on pizza. Once you have used Applegates pepperoni, nothing else will compare. I decided to make a gluten free Hawaiian pizza with the Canadian bacon and LOVED it! The cocktail weenies were great just heated up or served hot with gluten free barbecue sauce. The breakfast bacon is wonderful served along side gluten free pancakes (we love Pamela’s:) or used in a great salad like our family favorite, Mom’s Cabbage Salad. I loved knowing that in addition to great taste, I was also enjoying the best quality meats and cheeses. The fun new items like the gluten-free corn dogs and chicken nuggets that I reviewed were something I have missed and loved seeing gluten free! Not only was I getting some of my childhood favorites, but I was getting the great benefits of the products actually being made with quality ingredients.

  • Their animals are free of antibiotics, hormones and artificial growth hormones
  • A 100% vegetarian diet with no animal by-products is fed to their livestock
  • All products are made with natural and organic ingredients and never contain nitrates or nitrites
  • Each product is minimally processed, to create a wholesome texture and taste
  • Their deli meat, hot dogs, burgers and bacon are gluten and casein free

Thank you Applegate for all you do!!!

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So are you ready to win hundreds of dollars $$$ in Applegate Farms Meats, Cheeses and other items?!

**(2) Grand Prize Winner- will be receiving Applegate’s Gluten Free Bundles of Joy prize pack that includes the following items that are ALL gluten free!!!

Fresh: Organic & Natural Cheese, Deli Meat, Dry Cured, Chicken Breast Strips, Hot Dogs, Bacon, Dinner Sausage & our beloved holiday Cocktail Weenies

Frozen: Organic & Natural Burgers, Breakfast Sausages, Chicken Tenders, Chicken Nuggets, Corn Dogs

HERE’S HOW TO ENTER: (Please leave your e-mail with each entry. If you don’t leave your e-mail, you will not be chosen as we do need some way to contact you. Thanks! :)

Just leave a comment HERE in the comments section, telling me which Applegate Farms product sounds the yummiest to you.

*Extra Entry #1: Leave a comment here telling me what you would make using one of the above products.

*Extra Entry #2: Visit Applegate Farms on Facebook and thank them for this giveaway. Leave a comment here saying you did.

*Giveaway ends Friday December 31, 2011 at 11:59 PM (MST). This giveaway is open to the US only.

**I was provided with sample product from this company for review purposes on this website. I was not paid or compensated in any other way for my reviews. They are my opinions and my opinions alone.

**25 Days of Christmas Giveaways, Gluten Free of Course! Event…FREE, EASY way to snag some gluten free swag!!! :)

25 Days of Christmas Giveaways, Gluten Free of Course! Event
When: Dec. 1-31 2011

What: During this AMAZING event we will be featuring 25 hand selected companies and offering a gluten free giveaway as well, EVERY day!!! We know that gluten free living isn’t always cheap, especially at this time of year so we thought all of our amazing readers deserved a little gluten free TLC!

A new giveaway will be introduced EVERY day but all giveaways will be open through the end of December. Entries for these giveaways will be one or two EASY steps. Winners will be drawn the 1st wk. of January.


  1. My favorite Applegate product is their bacon! For Christmas morning, we traditionally have a Cheese Strata, and I hope to make it this year with Applegate Bacon! Thanks for the Giveaway opportunities! Email: sr_235.wort@cox.net

  2. I would use the breakfast sausage and make an omlette for breakfast

  3. I'd love the Dinner Sausage!

  4. I'd love to make some bacon wrapped jalapenos!

  5. My daughter is so picky and she loves the Applegate Chicken Nuggets. They are meaty and very good. Thanks Applegate.

  6. Which product sounds the yummiest? They all do…if I could win any prize, it would be this one. I love their products!


  7. I definitely would use their bacon for some bacon wrapped shrimp.


  8. I thanked Applegate on facebook. :)


  9. I would mix the cocktail weenies with gluten free mac and cheese for my six-year-old daughter. She would love it! Thanks.


  10. I commented on the Applegate Farms Facebook page. Thanks!


  11. My favorite product is their dinner sausage!

  12. I would make bbq teeny weenies for Christmas!

  13. I thanked Appelgate Farms on their facebook!

  14. I enjoy their simple deli meats and cheeses.


  15. I enjoy their simple deli meats and cheeses!

  16. I enjoy their simple deli meats and cheeses!

  17. omgosh I would wrap the bacon around the weenies!

    tristazmail yahoo com

  18. liked and thanked on fb!

    tristazmail yahoo com

  19. Organic deli meat sounds so so nice to me. It is hard to find deli meat that is completely gluten free because often it is cut on the same machines as others with filler meats. So that is what sounds yummiest to me!

  20. Chicken tenders! Yum! If I won some applegate chicken tenders I would make some honey mustard (from scrath!) as a dipping sauce. Thats what I would make with your awesome give-away. Thanks for the 2nd chance to enter.

  21. I am all about those GF corn dogs. I loved them as a kid and would love to be able to have them again!
    gervitsd at verizon dot net

  22. I would make a turkey club with their deli turkey and bacon and udi's bread. yum.
    gervitsd at verizon dot net

  23. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Did you just say gluten free corndogs!? My kids would FLIP!

  24. I think their cured meats sound the best — would love to put them on a gf pizza or make a nice fresh antipasto!

  25. Just thanked Applegate on FB.

    Thanks for your giveaway on @glutenfreefrenzy!


    (sorry – nervous about getting spammed!)

  26. I've tried the bacon and hot dogs and they are wonderful! I'd love to try the cheese–especially the havarti one, I'll have to look for it!


  27. I just found a recipe today for Swiss potato rosti–with ham and cheese–I'd use the canadian bacon and swiss cheese–yum!

  28. Their chicken and maple breakfast sausages sound great. So does their organic turkey lunch meat.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  29. I would use the bacon for bacon-wrapped dates.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  30. I have not been able to try any Applegate farms products but I would love to try them. I would love to use the cocktail smokies and wrap them with the bacon and sprinkle with brown sugar and bake. Yummy!

  31. The bacon and hot dogs sound delicious. My two grandsons who have Celiacs would love these!

  32. I forgot to put my email on my comment. Here it goes again! I would love the bacon and hotdogs for my two grandsons who have Celiacs.

  33. Just thanked Applegate on facebook. martinacats@embarqmail.com

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  35. I thanked applegate for the giveaway on facebook

  36. I have heard about Applegates quite a few times and have only heard good things! I am a total sausage and bacon breakfast person at the moment, so I would cook up Applegate's sausage and bacon, yum! rebecca.klooz@gmail.com

  37. I said thank-you on Applegate's facebook page. rebecca.klooz@gmail.com

  38. the cocktail weenies are my favorite. so much fun to eat.
    gigig99 at aol dot com

  39. The chicken tenders sound great. I haven't seen those in gluten free anywhere by me yet.

    lovepoetes at aol dot com

  40. I would definitely make scrambled eggs with bacon…delicious.

    lovepoetes at aol dot com

  41. I thanked Applegate Farms on facebook.

    lovepoetes at aol dot com

  42. We LOVE Applegate's GF chicken nuggets. My 2 yr old gobbles them up. :)


  43. We LOVE the GF chicken nuggets! That's the only product we've tried so far, but would love to try more!
    They are so tasty for the kids and us! And they taste natural and fresh as well!

    ginoandbrody (at) cox (dot) net

  44. I like Applegate Farms on FB!

    ginoandbrody (at) cox (dot ) net

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  48. I'd love to have a corn dog :)


  49. I'd make a lovely GF panini with the lunch meat.


  50. Havarti cheese would be the yummy for me!

    silvermoonsusan AT yahoo DOT com

  51. Oh, I would make a yummy omelet made with the bacon and all the cheese I could fit into it! Yum!

    silvermoonsusan AT yahoo DOT com

  52. I liked and left a message on Applegate's facebook page!

    silvermoonsusan AT yahoo DOT com

  53. I would use the chicken nuggets in a salad.

  54. I would love to try their bacon! I'm always on a search for great gf bacon!
    deserthen at gmail dot com

  55. I would make mini pigs in the blanket with the cocktail weenies! YUM!

    deserthen at gmail dot com

  56. I just “liked” Apple Gate on Facebook! =)

    deserthen at gmail dot com

  57. On a busy day it would be so nice to have a quick frozen dinner of Chicken Nuggets for the kids! buley5@att.net

  58. I just let Applegate Farms know that I am thankful for their donation to Gluten Free Frenzy!!!

  59. The corn dogs sound delicious, but chicken nuggets would be perfect for a midnight snack right now. Anything better than mcdonalds and gluten free so my stomach doesn't die!

  60. It all sounds great. Would love to try the chicken Strips!
    lrhovde at yahoo dot com

  61. My kids love Applegate Farms chicken strips – yummo!

    christigpa at gmail dot com

  62. https://www.facebook.com/applegatefarms/posts/10150433735823548

    Just left above comment on their FB page!

    christigpa at gmail dot com

  63. I love Applegate Farms. I would make a huge gluten-free Sunday breakfast using their bacon.


  64. The corn dogs sound wonderful! Have missed them!! sbmdedeg@aol.com

  65. Being as it's breakfast time, I'm interested in the Organic Uncured Thick Cut Bacon!
    ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

  66. I would use GF corn meal to make polenta. Then I would cool and cube the polenta, spread it in a casserole dish, chop up the GF chicken nuggets, and pour homemade tomato sauce over the top. I would then bake that entire dish until warmed, and put cheese over the top.
    ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

  67. We have only tried the Chicken nuggets. That's the only product I have seen in our area. But my girls will ONLY eat this brand of chicken nugget so, of course, that's what sounds the yummiest to us! We'd love to try more of their products, though!

  68. If I could find the chicken breast strips, we'd make Fajitas!

  69. Liked and thanked them on FB!

  70. I have been wanting to try their products! I'm wanting to try the corn dogs & chicken nuggets. My boys have missed eating those since our family went gluten-free.

    thepalins at gmail dot com

  71. I'd like to use the breakfast sausage to make some breakfast burritos.

    thepalins at gmail dot com

  72. Their bacon! :)

    jandswinder at yahoo .com

  73. Thanks them for the giveaway on FB!
    Sappho W

    jandswinder at yahoo com

  74. I would love to try their corn dogs. I miss corn dogs!

  75. I'd make something with their bacon… bacon-wrapped asparagus, anyone?

  76. The chicken nuggets sound the best to me…I haven't had those since being diagnosed with Celiac.


  77. Thanks for this giveaway! I don't often buy deli meats, but theirs make a wonderful treat. A sandwich of their deli meats & cheese on my homemade g free bread would be my choice!

  78. I thanked Applegate Farms on facebook. :)


  79. I'd love to try the nuggets. I've bought other brands and they've been iffy so I'm on the lookout.


  80. I posted to my blog: adventuresingluten.blogspot.com

  81. I love bacon and havarti cheese so, I am so excited about his giveaway. Thx!


  82. I'd love to try their cor dogs

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  83. I like Applegate Farms on facebook (Louis H Uffmire)

    I left a Wall Comment

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  84. I would serve their chicken breast strips with linguini and alfredo sauce

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  85. like and thanked them on facebook. Would love for my daughter to try the chicken nuggets or corn dogs. I would use the organic mild cheddar cheese to make her some mac n cheese. It's her favorite.

  86. slehan at juno dot com
    I like their breakfast sausage
    Thanks for the contest.

  87. slehan at juno dot com
    I'd make a great breakfast omelet with the sausage.

  88. slehan at juno dot com
    wrote on their wall:

  89. Mmm….chicken nuggets sound amazing. It's been so long since we had them. angelikness@yahoo.com

  90. I “liked” Applegate on Facebook and thanked them for this giveaway!! Yay!!! Thank you to Gluten Free Frenzy as well.


  91. I think the Natural Barbecue Chicken Breast sounds the yummiest of the Applegate Farms products! :)


  92. I liked applegate farms on facebook and thanked them for the giveaway!


  93. Cocktail weenies! Miss those guys during the holidays!

  94. If I were to get my hands on Applegate cocktail weenies, I would make pigs in a blanket with gluten-free dough. Yummy!


  95. Oops just emailed you my answer, but here it is again! CORNDOGS and Chicken Nuggets a favorite meal with french fries! And coming from WI the cheese state would love to try Applegate cheese.


  96. Just thanked Applegate on FB!


  97. I haven't had a corndog in sooooo long! That would be awesome. Can't wait to try one from Applegate!

  98. Chicken nuggets all the way at our house.


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