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True Foods Kitchen Gluten Free Menu Feature and Review

The ambiance at True Foods Kitchen is open and organic, fresh and full of natural light. Arriving during lunch hour we could quickly see that this restaurant is popular in the community. Nearly every table was bustling with cheerful diners. After choosing to dine outside in the fresh Arizona air, we were very kindly greeted by our waiter. My guest, Beckee of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, and I each chose a delicious juice to start off our meal. Mine, the Hangover Rx-coconut water, pineapple and orange juice, was very fresh and perfectly sweet.

For our appetizer, we chose the Local Vegetable Crudites. We were assured that when an guest orders with an allergy, there is a special button on the computer that makes the kitchen on full alert and aware of what allergy is present. Back to the appetizer. The presentation was absolutely gorgeous! Arriving like a perfect bouquet, raw, colorful and full of flavor. All were served in an earthy pottery bowl full of ice, it was like picking each vegetable fresh from the garden. Tzatziki and Black Olive dips, both very delicious and excellent compliments to the fresh vegetables were served alongside. The flavors of the raw veggies weren’t masked at all by the sauces.

Our second appetizer, Roasted Beet and Mozzerella Agrodolce was a gorgeous beet salad complimented by crunchy pistachios, fresh arugula and a little EVOO it was everything I could have hoped for. I absolutely LOVE beets, so for me this was Heaven. An excellent start to our meal.

Our entree arrived again, in beautiful presentation. The fish tacos topped with smooth, creamy avocado, cotija cheese, tomatillo salsa, fresh sour cream and pickled onion were very delicious. Fresh lime juice squeezed right onto the tacos added an extra zest and flavor that I just loved. The tacos were filling and delicious. The beans served along side really added a nice texture and flavor to the fresh tacos. They were spiced perfectly with cayenne. It was an excellent spicy kick.

For dessert, we enjoyed the Flourless Chocolate Cake. This 72% cocoa chocolate cake served with real maple ice cream and the most amazing burnt caramel sauce was one of the best desserts I have ever had! The caramel was the most flavorful, perfect caramel. Words can’t describe just how delicious it was so you will just have to trust me…AMAZING!

The second dessert we had was the Dairy Free Organic Chocolate Pudding topped with crunchy pistachio and walnuts. It was smooth and very rich. This would be any chocolate lovers dream.

Our meal was very good and of course, very fresh. Nothing served at True Foods Kitchen is processed or arrives already prepared, with the exceptions of the turkey and turkey bacon for sandwiches. Everything else, including chicken sausage is freshly made in house. Brunch is served Saturdays and Sundays in addition to the weekly lunch and dinner menu. True Foods specializes in making amazing juices. They have a juicer that keeps busy all day mixing and juicing. Don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy delicious juices and fresh, tasty food!

Scottsdale Quarter
15191 N Scottsdale Rd #100
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
P: 480.265.4500

Biltmore Fashion Park
2502 E Camelback Rd #135
Phoenix, AZ 85016
P: 602.774.3488

*There are also locations in California.
**This company provided me with sample product for review purposes on this website. I was not paid or compensated in any other way for my reviews nor was I required to write a positive review. These are my opinions and my opinions alone.

*We do not take any responsibility for the gluten free dining experience of others. As always, eat at your own risk as this is not a dedicated gluten free facility.

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