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My Dinner Kitchen (AZ) Feature and Review

We stumbled onto this lovely little place, My Dinner Kitchen, and boy, are we glad we did! Their website explains what they do so perfectly so here it is straight from the source.

We design the menu and then do all the shopping and chopping. Our “Ready To Cook” meals go home frozen with easy-to-follow instructions that allow you to cook delicious meals in minutes.

We have dishes designed to meet every taste using the freshest ingredients. Choose from our diverse menus of gourmet entrees, side dishes, appetizers and desserts.

How about 5 menus to pick from? All dinners are sold in packages:

  1. I. Standard Monthly Menu
  2. -Multi-Serving packages
  3. II. Natural-Organic-Gluten Free Optional Menu
  4. -Multi-Serving packages
  5. III. hCG Diet Dinners (Ph. 2)
  6. -Single Serving packages
  7. IV. hCG Maintenance Meals (Ph. 3)
  8. Single Serving packages
  9. V. Healthy Lifestyle Menu
  10. -Single Serving packages

Schedule a time that is convenient for you to come and “Pick Up” your order (all menus) or to “Attend” a session to assemble your meals with us – Standard Monthly Menu only.

Enjoy the easy-to-prepare, delicious meals and marvel at the time you’ve saved. No shopping. No worrying. No clean up.

Just gourmet meals in minutes! And best of all, you can say


We decided, as we always do before featuring a restaurant, that we needed to know a little more about their gluten free menu practices. I scheduled a time to meet the owner, Joan Abraham, at her location to discuss it further. When I arrived I immediately noticed the cleanliness of the facility. It was spotless! This cleanliness was confirmed when Joan told me they had just received their gold star for health inspection. Excellent! In the main room there are multiple stations for preparing meals. Though this wasn’t the gluten free preparation area, I was intrigued with how well everything was put together. Each item, was portioned and packaged individually. It really made everything seem even cleaner and more well contained. We made our way back to to the “kitchen” where all the food is kept as well as the gluten free preparation table is kept. Joan, said they only prepare gluten free food items on that table and everything is cleaned after each meal preparation regardless. The shelves were kept so neat and tidy as was the walk-in freezer. There was a designated spot both in the freezer and in the kitchen where the gluten free items were kept. They are given there own special space as to avoid as much cross contamination as possible. Joan is the mother of a child with life threatening peanut allergies, the wife to a husband with severe shellfish allergies and a friend to a woman with celiac disease so she knows her stuff when it comes to how important cross contamination issues really are. She not only knows about it but lives it everyday within her own family, so was so sympathetic towards all her clients with food allergies and celiac disease. I appreciated her genuine concern so much. It gave me a sense of comfort knowing that I really was being well taken care of.

While there visiting, we enjoyed the chicken topped with almond, pear and havarti cheese. It was delicious! Light, yet filling and flavorful, this dish was absolutely one I would purchase for use in my own home. We also had some meals made for us (making your own meals there is not an option for gluten free customers as they want to make sure the proper precations are taken in handling the food and avoiding cross contamination) to take home, prepare and enjoy, and enjoy we did!

First we had the Herbed Pork Tenderloin with wild rice. It was seasoned so well! When I took it out of the package I was immedietely washed with the sweet smell of Rosemary…I loved it! The pork was tender and delicious. Pork is usually not one of my favorites, but I would eat this dish any day. It was great paired with the hearty wild rice that was also seasoned perfectly.

Next came the Mediterranean Baked Tilapia. I absolutely love diced tomatoes with feta, so I was in Heaven. I thought the choice of olive oil and garlic were great additions to the dish. Everything married very well creating a well rounded protein.

Turkey Chili was another dish we reviewed. Now let me tell you, I NEVER eat ground turkey because I hate the flavor of it. I am a grass-fed ground beef girl myself so I was skeptical of this dish from the beginning. However, the aroma in the kitchen as I cooking led me to believe it may be tasty. Sadly my memories of bad ground turkey dishes were still overpowering my thoughts. Once I put the first bite in my mouth I was shocked. I couldn’t believe this chili tasted so good! I know it had to do with the quality of meat. Joan told me that she only purchases the best ground turkey she can. Along with her other proteins as well. She is very picky about what meat she will buy and I am thankful she is. Having that high quality of ground turkey really made all the difference in the taste of the finished dish. It was perfectly spiced with excellent additions like corn, and black beans. I know this is a dish I will be enjoying in the future!

Finally, we enjoyed the Apple Cinnamon Toastie, This lovely toastie is perfect for your breakfast or coffee break. An apple crumb that’s not too sweet and swirled with cinnamon! Gluten Free; Vegan; No Refined Sugar. It truly was delicious. Topped with real, vanilla icecream…yum! The perfect end to any of these delicious meals.

My Dinner Kitchen is a wonderful place to pick up great tasting prepared meals. I loved them because all the ingredients are real and something I would use in my own kitchen. Preparation was easy and eating them was even easier. We are so glad we found this great place and hope you are too.

My Dinner Kitchen

Hours of Operation:
Monday–Friday 10AM–6PM
Saturday 10AM–2PM

*This is our opinion and our opinion alone. We do not take any responsibility for the gluten free dining experience of others. As always, eat at your own risk as this is not a dedicated gluten free facility.

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