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Kids Halloween Party, gluten free of course!

We just love AZ and all their local gluten free bakeries. Gluten Free Creations is one of them that does an adorable kids Halloween event every year. Jaxton was in Heaven decorating his GIANT gluten free sugar cookie that they provided along with different colored frostings, piped and ready to go, sprinkles and candies for decorating. He ate more than he decorate I think. 🙂 A personal gluten free cheese pizza was also provided which I LOVED as it off set the sugar in take. Thanks Gluten Free Creations for a very fun event!

If you don’t have a gluten free bakery where you live, that’s ok. You can do all of these adorable things at home. Using a gluten free sugar cookie mix or great recipe, just put the cookie dough in a pie pan and cook according to directions. Have one for each participant along with frosting and candies for decorating. Personal gluten free pizzas can easily be made using crusts like Udi’s gluten free or any other frozen gluten free pizza that you prefer. (There are tons out there to choose from. 🙂 Or you can go with the classics and decorate Pamela’s roll out sugar cookies like we do at home for any holiday I can make the excuse we need to decorate them for.

Happy Halloween to all!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Yes it IS fun to find someone else who has shared life experiences. Having spent so much of my single life planning on going into missions and spending time in different foreign countries with NO PROBLEM of culture shock, I realized one thing….doing it with twin babies is very different than doing it alone:) …and doing it for an indefinate period of time is not the same as short term! I felt so isolated because I couldnt just roll up my sleeves and dive into ministry. But even through that having to depend on the Lord so much to get me through was such a growing experience.

    So glad you had such an amazing experience. How wonderful! What were you doing? What part of the city did you live in?

    Enjoyed poking around your blog too…..Im a newly converted gluten free-er and am learning lots…your blog looks like a great resource.

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