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Gluten Free Restuarant Review- UT: The Local Grind

Isn’t it great when you find a lovely gluten free bakery in a small town you never could have imagined would have one? I love it! I grew up in small town (now a big resort town) Heber City, UT, near Park City and Midway, UT. I love how gorgeous it is there. This adorable town is nestled right in the mountains between Provo and Salt Lake City. With ski slopes and beautiful Park City resorts only 15 min. away as well as amazing resorts such as Zermatt, Blue Boar Inn and The Homestead within 5 miles of my parents house this really is such a great place to visit or live. I have always known there was excellent restaurants who accommodate gluten free diners so well but I never expected to find a gluten free bakery. You can imagine my excitement when I did! The Local Grind is a great little coffee house and gluten free bakery. Located just off of Heber City main street it is in a great location. The owner Laura has had celiac disease for many years and got sick of not being able to enjoy good gluten free baked goods so she set out to create some of the greatest treats she could and wow, did she ever! Not only did she want to create wonderful baked goods but a great gluten free baking mix, Good Grains Baking Company. Another goal she accomplished so well. Laura’s kitchen is gluten free however she does offer regular bread along with one or two other items that are not gluten free that are brought in from an outside vendor. Having celiac disease herself she is very aware of cross contamination issues and is very careful to keep things separated and as clean as possible. For our review we enjoyed the following items.

Ham and Swiss Quiche- This savory treat is made using only the egg whites. This gives you all the protein you want from egg without the added fat that some people are trying to avoid. (Not me, I love whole eggs! 🙂 I usually am not a fan of anything made from only the egg white but I was shocked that I couldn’t tell the difference! With other wonderful ingredients including swiss cheese and gluten free ham, the taste was great. The crust was flaky and buttery.

Crumb Cake- SOOO delicious! Usually crumb cakes are dry and lacking flavor. This was just the opposite. It was the most moist crumb cake I have ever enjoyed. It had great bounce and texture just like you want from your cakes. The topping was heavenly and sweetened perfectly. The mix of great spices and cake made this an absolute winner!

Cranberry Scone- This was my absolute favorite! Truly, this was the most delicious scone I have ever eaten, gluten free or otherwise. It was hot from the oven and I believe that is what made it so great. It was like cutting through butter with my fork when I cut into this delectable scone. Soft yet formed well with just enough sweet to compliment the tart cranberries…my mouth is drooling thinking of it. I will be back for this fresh baked treat every time I visit family in Heber, UT. If only all the tea houses and resorts in the state would offer this treat for breakfast, they would get gluten free diners from all over the state wanting to try and return for this unique, delicious treat.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin (they also offer banana nut and blueberry)- This was truly the biggest, fluffiest gluten free muffin I have ever seen. The consistency was spot on. When I saw them in the case I thought, “Those can’t possibly be the gluten free muffins. Where are the little, dense looking gluten free ones.” No, they were absolutely the gluten free muffins! Laura, the owner, says that people come in and enjoy them time and again who have no allergies or intolerance to gluten. Most are shocked to hear that they are gluten free.

English Muffin- This was a great tribute to an English muffin. It was much more fluffy than any that you can buy at the store. It was also much more flavorful. It could easily be used for a breakfast sandwich, for eggs Benedict or simply with butter and jam.

Mock Rye Bread- I am going to tell you what my non-gluten intolerant/celiac sister said about this bread as I am not a big fan of mock rye and therefore had a more difficult time reviewing it. (That is one of the reasons I always take along a friend or family member who doesn’t have problems with gluten.) She actually enjoyed it most from our selection of gluten free items. It was toasty and savory and “taste great” she said.

You can visit The Local Grind yourself:

51 West 100 South
Heber City, UT 84032
Good Grains Baking Co. on Facebook


  1. I must admit gluten free alone just sounds boring, flavorless and none the less, don't need it, so don't want it…

    WRONG! This little bakery nestled away in a small valley down from the Timpanogos (Sundance and Park City) creates the finest bakery goods for all to enjoy! Better for you, better flavor and most of all best company. The owner, Laura, envelopes a sort of energy and conversation that keeps you wanting to come back for more of her fabulous coffee and scones or quiche or muffins…and her daily humor.

    Kudos for Gluten Free. YUM!

  2. Wow, I had no idea we finally had a gluten free bakery south of SLC! This is most excellent, and I can't wait to take a trip up the canyon to try it out!!

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