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The Cove Trattoria Gluten Free Menu and Restaurant Review and Feature

First off I have to say how incredibly nice and friendly The Cove Trattoria staff is to their customers. The moment you walk through the front doors you are made to feel like an old friend. This was the first thing we noticed and really enjoyed. The second thing that really pleased us about this restaurant is that 90% of the menu can be made gluten free. I love that! Not only can the chef make many gluten free dishes but they do it while doing everything in their power to avoid cross-contamination. As with most restaurants, it is not a dedicated gluten free kitchen, however, the staff at Cove Trattoria is very knowledgeable about the dangers of cross-contamination and shows this in their safe handling practices. For example, the gluten free pizza is put on a special pizza screen before being put in the brick oven with pecan wood. Separate utensils are used for gluten free items and much care is given in preparation of them as well.

For this review, my husband and I took along our great friends with us. Neither of them, nor my husband eat gluten free so when they love the meal, you know it is good gluten free food! We began the evening with the Prince Edward Island Mussels and the Garlic Verde Shrimp, a very popular dish. The mussels were cooked perfectly and were so full of flavor! I loved the twist of marina in the sauce. It made for a very Italian dish. Yum! The shrimp were also seasoned just right and had just enough garlic. It wasn’t too overpowering but you could taste the garlic was a highlight in this dish. Since I LOVE sun dried tomatoes, I especially loved the addition of them and the pesto to this plate.

Our entrees included the following. The Chicken Saltimbocca, the second most popular dish and I can see why. With the great grilled chicken flavor next to the fresh pomodoro sauce you had a great pair. Now add the proscuitto, spinach, feta and mozzerella atop brown rice penne pasta and you have a Heavenly dish. Nobody at the table could even tell the noodles were gluten free which is always nice. The beautiful presentation was the topping on this great dish.
Pasta Rustica was another entree we were presented with. Brown rice penne pasta, caramelized onions (one of my favorite foods), spinach, roasted red peppers, portobella mushrooms, goat cheese and artichokes in a garlic and oil sauce all married so well to create an excellent pasta dish. Our friend, Clint, doesn’t normally like pasta and he was eating these all up, and they were gluten free! That goes to show just how well they were prepared.
Grilled Halibut, the most popular dish on the menu was another entree we were able to feast on. It is naturally gluten free, just how they normally prepare it which is nice. No adjustments are needed to make this dish gluten free. The presentation was gorgeous and the taste was nothing less than perfection. The halibut was cooked perfectly and even those at our table who don’t normally eat fish, said they really enjoyed it and this it didn’t taste fishy at all. The sauce was so creamy and full of flavor. Asparagus, wilted arugula, pine nuts and goat cheese all complimented each other so well in this dish.
Our final entree was the artichoke pizza. The crust is made in house and is kneaded and tossed just like a normal pizza dough. The managers really wanted to create their own gluten free pizza dough to use and I am so glad they did. It really sets them apart from everyone else offering gluten free pizza. The entire table said that they could barely tell it was a gluten free crust. Topped with mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and goat cheese this pizza was a success!

For dessert we were given three different plates to sample from and enjoy. My absolute favorite was the panna cotta with caramel sauce. It was so full of flavor! Every bite was joy for me. The texture was smooth and creamy with the crunch of nuts on top. It couldn’t have been any better. I will absolutely order this for dessert every time I go back.
A gluten free canoli was the another dessert on our table. While we loved the filling, smooth and sweet cream with chocolate chips, the crust wasn’t our favorite. I would probably just have preferred the cream filling. The presentation was very nice though.
Finally, the double chocolate mousse was a chocolate lovers dream! It was sweetened just right and rich in cocoa flavor. It was light in texture yet filling enough. I loved that even most desserts at Cove Trattoria could be and are done gluten free. To enjoy everything from appetizers to dessert gluten free, and have them all taste good, is something that will keep gluten free diners coming back again and again. The Cove Trattoria is an amazing restaurant, especially for those gluten free diners.

The Cove Trattoria

7001 N Scottsdale Road #184
Scottsdale, AZ
United States

Located in the the Scottsdale Seville Plaza

(480) 951-8273

**This company provided me with sample product for review purposes on this website. I was not paid or compensated in any other way for my reviews nor was I required to write a positive review. These are my opinions and my opinions alone.

*We do not take any responsibility for the gluten free dining experience of others. As always, eat at your own risk as this is not a dedicated gluten free facility.

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