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Tryst Cafe Restaurant Review and Feature

WOW! Is the word that comes to mind in describing this great little restaurant the offers so many gluten free menu items. After speaking with the general manager, JJ, whom immediately made me feel like an old friend, I was already excited to try this restaurant. I love when right from the get go you are made to feel special in a restaurant. It is becoming more and more uncommon so like chivalry, I am glad to see that Tryst Cafe was spot on with their customer service. I spoke with Courtney second and loved that she said, “I decided to get a job here because I loved the food so much that I was eating here all the time anyway.” Courtney herself eats gluten free so that made me very confident in not only the restaurant, but their gluten free menu especially.

When we arrived we were kindly greeted by Courtney who continued to be wonderful company throughout the evening. We began our gluten free menu tasting with two featured breakfasts. The first was the gluten free pancake made from the famous, Gluten Free Pantry baking mix. A wonderful choice. It was very tasty. The texture was nice and fluffy just like a pancake should be. Top it with the whipped (in-house) butter and fresh berries and you are set. Second was the Hawaiian Breakfast. My favorite meal of the evening! Jasmine rice mixed with kalua (named after where it came from and the method used to cook it, not the drink 🙂 pulled pork that had been slow cooked in banana leaves for 4 hours. Courtney told us that the meat is so tender, only a whisk is used to pull it apart. Wow! Cooked shredded cabbage, a perfectly fried over easy egg and a sweet soy reduction finished off the dish. Can you only imagine why it was my favorite? The flavors married so well together. It was like a perfect piece of art. It was truly such a unique and delicious dish, I know I will be craving it the rest of my life. So as long and I am here in Arizona, I am going to fulfill that craving as much as possible!

For our gluten free lunch tastings we enjoyed the ahi seared salad with wasabi aioli and honey mustard vinaigrette. The tuna was cooked perfectly and not to mention sliced beautifully. The presentation was spot on. The wasabi aioli was the perfect spicy touch to a cool, refreshing salad. We also enjoyed the kalua pulled pork sandwich on Udi’s gluten free bread. The meat was topped with a cool, delicious homemade coleslaw and barbecue sauce. Served along side the sandwich was a cold roasted vegetable salad with balsamic dressing. I just loved the sweet taste of the tender pulled pork topped with the excellent, crisp and cool coleslaw. The made an excellent team! I want to not that all dressings are made in house and are gluten free, which I just loved.

For our dinner entrees we first had the Cajun grilled tilapia served with lemon asparagus risotto. This was my second favorite dish of the night. The fish was seasoned and cooked to perfection. I could order this dish over and over again. The warm lemon asparagus risotto added the soft, velvety touch to the dish that I just loved. Another home run!

Second, we had the beef tenderloin stuffed with roasted red peppers, spinach, portobello mushrooms and buffalo mozzarella which had a great smoky flavor. The meat was tender and juicy and had a great flavor. The tenderloin was served with a delicious and fresh tasting bundle of asparagus and carrots. They were cooked perfectly and tasted great along side the beef.

For dessert, we were treated to mini cupcakes and cookies by the talented baker Julie Moreno or Jewel’s Cupcakes. We chose the red velvet and pistachio to try and were so glad we did. They were very tasty. The cookies were the winner in our eyes as they were so soft and delicious. Great job to Julie for creating such yummy treats.

I cannot emphasize how great of a gluten free menu tasting this was. Tryst Cafe was a wonderful place to dine. I cannot wait to return! Some fun things to note about this great restaurant are that they do an all-you-can eat fish fry on Friday evenings and have a baked option for their gluten free diners. They will also serve you a gluten free German potato pancake with applesauce…yum! Monday evenings there is LIVE music from 7-10 pm and everything but entrees and fine wine is half-off…amazing! Also, keep in mind that Tryst Cafe offers gluten free bagels, bread, soy sauce and many other items that I haven’t listed in this review. The full bar features many gluten free items and is 80% organic. They serve New Planet gluten free beer as well. You will be in gluten free heaven while dining at Tryst Cafe.

Tryst Cafe-“An Affaire With Naturally Delicious Food!”
21050 N. Tatum Blvd. #108
Phoenix, AZ 85050
Phone: (480) 585-7978

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*This is our opinion and our opinion alone. We do not take any responsibility for the gluten free dining experience of others. As always, eat at your own risk as this is not a dedicated gluten free facility.

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