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JP Pancake Restuarant Feature and Review

We enjoyed a delicious gluten free breakfast at JP Pancakes in Gilbert, AZ (they also have a Scottsdale location). We left full and satisfied. Jeanne, the owner, welcomed us with her usual kindness and sweet smile. She always makes you feel like she is excited to have you dining at her restaurant, I love it! We did a gluten free menu tasting that was bliss!

We started the tasting with in-house made blueberry and chocolate chip muffins. They were SO good!!! I couldn’t believe how moist and soft they were. Most muffins are dry and require a glass of milk to eat them, but not these. They were so tasty, even Josh loved them! What a great recipe.

The chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes were perfect! They were large and fluffy just the way pancake house pancakes should be, except they arrived sans gluten which was perfect for us. Jeanne said she created a special pancake and waffle recipe but begins with Bob’s Red Mill flour then adds to it. We love Bob’s so this was ok with us. The pancakes had just the right amount of sweetness and the perfect fluffy texture every pancake deserves. I especially loved the chocolate chip pancakes and normally I wouldn’t have ordered them…so glad we did! The whipped butter was the perfect touch to these delicious pancakes. The chef makes and stores the gluten free batters in their own, separate containers that are clearly labeled gluten free. They use separate spatulas and dedicate a section of the griddle to being gluten free but if it absolutely has to be used for regular items, it is cleaned completely prior to making any gluten free orders.The pancakes are served to you with a colored toothpick in them to indicate to both server and customer that they are gluten free. What a great touch to go even further to avoid mix ups and cross contamination!

JP Pancake also offers gluten free waffles that are made in a dedicated gluten free waffle iron. This is unusual so be sure to take advantage of that. The waffles arrive hot with sliced strawberries and powdered sugar…yum!

We then add the famous Julia’s Bakery cinnamon roll which was everything we expected it to be. Arriving warm with sweet, dripping cream cheese frosting you can’t go wrong. Julia really is the queen of gluten free cinnamon rolls and red velvet cupcakes!

We finished the meal off with the gluten free sausage and bacon which were cooked to perfection. I really enjoy JP Pancake’s gluten free sausage as it is unlike the small, thin links most pancake houses serve.

Next time you are in the valley, be sure to visit our local pancake house, JP Pancakes, that offers some delicious gluten free breakfast items. You will be amazed! Be sure to tell Jeanne hi and that we sent you.

JP Pancake
3541 E. Baseline Rd.
Gilbert, AZ

9619 N. Hayden
Scottsdale, AZ

Visit JP Pancakes on Facebook as well!

*This is our opinion and our opinion alone. We do not take any responsibility for the gluten free dining experience of others. As always, eat at your own risk as this is not a dedicated gluten free facility.

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