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TTT-Tuesdays Tasty Tip with Chef David Hall

Gluten-free Lifestyle Transition – Introduction

In the coming weeks I will write on making the transition to a Gluten-free lifestyle. Why “lifestyle?” Because that’s exactly what it is for those whose LIVES depend on eating gluten-free, and making that lifestyle transition is everything but easy for the uninformed or newly diagnosed. Unfortunately, most in our society use the term “diet” to reflect some change in an eating pattern to lose weight or “feel healthier” – more on that later. I try to avoid the term diet when referring to aspects of life not directly related to the preparation and consumption of food, hence the integration of the term “lifestyle.” While I do not claim to be a gluten-free expert, I do understand the challenges of going gluten-free because I have made the journey myself as a supportive spouse and a chef who had to learn fast in order to bless his wife. I eat gluten-free at home because it does not make sense to me to make two meals for two people in the same house. I have consulted for restaurant chefs and trained personal chefs how to market to and meet the needs of the gluten-free communities of Celiac Disease and Autism.

Information is power. When I teach my students, and my students learn from me, we both benefit in the process. The more we learn, the more options, skills and opportunities we have. These all translate to creative decision-making opportunities to bless ourselves, or those we care about. This, my friends, is real power.

In the coming weeks I will share lots of information with you, as well as some of humorous and not so humorous experiences my wife (Debbie) and I have experienced. Some will make you smile, while others will make your eyes roll and chest drop from the heavy sigh is disgust. For those of you newly diagnosed, hopefully this will be a series of encouragement and empowerment, and may help you “dodge some bullets,” but more importantly, live life with greater confidence. For those of you who are veterans, hopefully the series may be useful in gaining a greater appreciation for your contribution to bringing greater sensitivity to others’ needs as well as helping bring new products to market because of your persistent voice in the community. Either way, please feel free to email me your comments DIRECTLY, as I covet your experiences, wisdom and stories.

Until next week, make it a great day and wear a smile. It will keep others guessing.


Chef David Hall, CGC

[email protected]

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