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Tia’s Bakery Review…yummo!!!

Wow! These desserts were amazing! I absolutely loved knowing that while eating them, I was also enjoying a healthy dessert full of nutritious ingredients. When it comes to finding a treat with quality ingredients, there isn’t much out there. At least not that tastes good. Tia’s Bakery achieved both use of quality ingredients AND great taste! My favorite was the Tropical Banana Cake for sure!!! “Tia’s Bakery is committed to providing the highest quality products for all of our customers seeking healthy gluten-free options. Although our current production facility does also produce products containing wheat, I’d like to share with you the processes we utilize to insure that cross-contamination is never an issue with any products that we bring to market.

Tia’s Bakery says, Our mission is to provide healthy, high quality, great tasting products that exceed our customers’ expectations. Tia’s Bakery Gluten Free is dedicated to advancing the use of alternative, sustainable ingredients that meet the goal of providing our customers with foods that are “The Best Tasting Gluten Free Desserts in the World”.

First, all of our ingredients are stored in dedicated, marked containers in a separate storage area within the facility. Separate and clearly marked mixing and measuring equipment is used. All employees wear clean garments when handling our GF products and no foods or beverages are allowed in the production area.

All equipment is wet-wash cleaned per guidelines outlined in the GIG Gluten Intolerance Group Bulletin, updated April 2009. Our wet-wash procedures require equipment to be cleaned throughly, both inside & out, before it’s use with our GF products.
Production of our GF products is scheduled to begin no sooner than 24-hours after the last production of any gluten containing products and then only after a complete wet-wash procedure has been completed. Post production; packaging & labeling are also done in a manner to insure the complete safety of our GF products.

Consistently that our products contain gluten in less than 20ppm (a standard established by the FDA). We are fully aware that a total absence of any trace of gluten can only be obtained utilizing NASA technology and would elevate our product costs to about $775 for a package of cookies. However our goal is to never exceed 15ppm and our own testing has revealed that we average only 10ppm for each production run.”

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  1. What a excellent looking cake stand!
    This turned out SO good! I really like the cake stand idea, very clever.

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