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Jaxn’s Twice-Baked Potato Stix

We had the fun opportunity of tasting this new, yummy snack gluten free snack food. Jaxn’s Twice Baked Potato Stix are crunchy and full of flavor. They are a great alternative to potato chips, which I love. I of course love the name since I have a little Jaxton but the name is only the beginning of what I liked about these snacks. As I said, the texture was great, especially for being oven baked. I really enjoyed the flavor as well. My favorite was the sea salt and cracked pepper. My little guy and hubby enjoyed this fun snack as well. It is great for a quick on-the-go snack that isn’t greasy on your hands. Enjoy this great, new snack for yourself by visiting their website.

**Jaxn’s provided me with sample products for review purposes on this website. I was not paid or compensated in any other way for my reviews. They are my opinions and my opinions alone.

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