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Sample Valentines Menu

Have you been thinking, “What can I make for Valentines dinner that is gluten-free and delicious but won’t break the bank?” Well I have created a sample Valentines menu for you from some of the recipes we have here on Gluten Free Frenzy. This menu has a theme of red. The dishes are easy to prepare and are very budget friendly!

Please let me know how your Valentines dinner turns out or e-mail me pictures and recipes for your ultimate gluten free Valentines day meal to be featured in our 2012 post! 🙂

Breakfast- Crepes, be sure to stuff them with red fruit like raspberries, strawberries or even cherries if you like.

Appetizer- Caprese Salad, is a light and delicious red starter to your Valentines meal.

Main Course- Chicken Parmigiana, is lightly breaded and topped with savory marinara and fresh Parmesan cheese. This meal is easy and budget friendly.

Dessert- Choice of either Heart cutout strawberries and cream sandwiches or Red pretzel salad. Either is a delicious finish to your sweetheart meal.


  1. sent you an email but I thought I would leave you a post – You won the giveaway! Drop on by….I also noticed that you are in the east valley, so am I!!! How odd is that?

  2. Thanks for the Valentine's Day tips! I'll be making a few of these this weekend.

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