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Our Valentines 2010 & Ideas…

Valentines Day is always big in my house because I am the ultimate girlee girl who absolutely loves a holiday that is about pink and red hearts, flowers, sweets and love! 🙂

For Valentines Day 2010 my family was in town so we celebrated with them. It was wonderful! We enjoyed a delicious gluten free dinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Scottsdale, AZ. The menu there is amazing, or I guess I should say Chef Eric Martin is amazing! He makes homemade gluten free garlic bread that everyone likes even better than the regular stuff. He also makes a delicious tiramisu and mouth watering pasta dishes like the famous Riggatoni D. Yum!

My sweetheart surprised me with flowers and a sweets basket of gluten free goodies from Julia’s Bakery. A local bakery that whips up delicious goodies like red Velvet cupcakes, cinnamon rolls and chocolate covered pretzels. I surprised him with goodies (not gluten free) and an adorable homemade swatch book that I did on Heritage Makers (I love them!). Our little guys got some treats and yummy food at dinner too. It was a great day for everyone!!!

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