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Celebrate Valentines Day…with hearts!

My little sweetheart has a Birthday near Valentines. He is a little boy so I thought I had better take advantage of a Valentines heart themed birthday party while he is one. After that, he probably won’t like heart themed birthday so much. 🙂 So in 2010 I did everything brown and baby blue. We made heart shaped ham and cheese sandwiches (which can easily be done with gluten-free bread (I love Katz gluten-free Challah bread), meat and cheese), made gluten-free heart shaped brownies using (Betty Crocker’s GF mix) and cut out heart shaped pieces of cheese for his little friends. For his birthday dinner we made his favorite, gluten-free pizza in a heart shape! I used my FAVORITE GF pizza crust mix, Namaste. I finished the festivities off with a gluten-free chocolate cake (made from scratch using a sweet baking mix from Gluten Free Creations Bakery and a recipe from the Babycakes book). He loved it! For decorations I cut out hearts of different sizes from baby blue scrapbook paper and laid them out on a chocolate brown table cloth. It was a wonderful party!!!

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