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Update on Marshmallow Pebbles…

I am so glad you guys are on top of your game on checking on stuff for me. I did want to let you know that the link I provided previously links you right to the NEW picture of the Marshmallow Pebbles box that clearly states Gluten Free on the front. The cupcake pebbles, I will be checking on as I may have miscommunicated their gluten free status. PLEASE only purchase the NEW boxes of these items with the clear Gluten Free label on the front. Many of the new boxes are not in stores yet but I assure you if you click on the link right to Post’s website you will see which boxes are changing to indicate Gluten Free status. Thanks again for checking into it. Enjoy! 🙂

Link to the pictures on Post’s website

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  1. miranda miranda

    I just called POST. Their products are now GF if they say gluten free on the box or if new & improved is stated on the box. If it just says new on the marshmallow pebbles it may have gluten, it has to say new & improved because they changed their recipe.

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