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Other NEW items that are gluten free…

I know these are a treat and have sugar and other things in them that aren’t ideal for every day intake but let’s just share the excitement of these fun and yummy treats that are gluten free. According to Post cereals, all of these products are gluten free.

Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles Treats

Marshmallow Pebbles

Cupcake Pebbles


  1. You know, I don't eat any of these, but every time I see more GF options, I get excited that the market is expanding so much more. I can't believe how varied choices have become in the 6 years since my diagnosis!


  2. Awesome! I knew fruity & cocoa pebbles were gluten free,but marshmallow & cupcake pebbles.Woot! Woot! So happy about the treats too.My daughter is gonna freak! It's hard finding good gluten free food for an 11 year old.
    Did you ever draw the winners for the Christmas giveaways?

  3. I have checked the Marshmallow Pebbles at the store and the box shows they contain both wheat and oat flours. I don't think their site is correct.

    The other items are all safe and yummy! We are loving the new treats and cereal at our house.

  4. I looked at the marshmallow pebbles as well.I just thought maybe it was new that they were now making them gluten free? Guess not? That's alright,they have all the other yummy stuff!!

  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi Chandice,
    I've never seen a posting of the winners of the 31 giveaways you did during December. You had mentioned you would be picking winners the first week of January and I haven't seen anything about it.

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