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Full list of GF Progresso soups! Yum!!!

Here is a full list of the gluten free soups that Progresso offers. There are so many I didn’t know about! Can you tell I’m in the “have the pantry stocked for the baby” mode yet with all the recent prepared food posts? :)


  1. Marjorie Harris Marjorie Harris

    I am looking forward to the list of gluten free soups. I have been gluten free for 5 yrs. and the only soups I can eat are the chicken and rice . It will be nice to have a variety.

    • Drema Drema

      Make sure you look at the ingridients….they list modified food starch but don’t define what starch they use…..I stopped eating them until General Mills defines the starch….ingredient

      • Donna Donna

        Was looking forward to Progresso’s gluten-free soups until I read “soybean oil”. Soy is something else I have to avoid and which starch is modified?

        Will have to keep looking for g-free soups and continue making my own. *sighs*

      • Lavone Lavone

        I have had to be gluten-free for the last 9 yrs. When I saw the gluten-free claim on their soups
        I was overjoyed, but when I read the ingredient “modified food starch” I contacted General Mills and asked them to define the “food starch”….The reply they gave me was if there was wheat
        in it , it would say so on the label……That was a ridiculous statement…..I tried three or four times to get an intelligent response from Progresso (General Mills). For them to put gluten free on their soup labels is just duping the consumer……Those soups should be taken out of stores until they fix the issue…

    • abby abby

      this link has been removed :-(

  2. Janet Janet

    I am trying to find out if you make any gluten free soup besides Chicken and Rice. If there aren’t any others why not.
    Thank you for your time

    • Chandice Chandice

      They do have more however, there doesn’t seem to be a link on their site anymore. I would suggest emailing them for the full list.

  3. Cheryl Cheryl

    It has almost been three years since this posted and just to let you know, General Mills still is just listing Modified Food Starch. I got slightly excited reading this and went to their site only to find Modified Food Starch listed without the callout of what it is derived from. They stay on the NO EAT list. Bummer dude!

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