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25 Days of GF Christmas Giveaways Winners!!!

So here is the deal, we have had a real issue lately with people e-mailing us claiming they won a prize from one of our wonderful giveaways when they really didn’t. I know this because I also receive an e-mail from the actual winner who’s e-mail address matches up to the winner chosen whom we e-mailed. It has been very frustrating and with all the great prizes given away during this HUGE giveaway we didn’t want that to happen and have our real fans and winners miss out on their prize. In order to avoid this, we drew names the first week of January like I said we would. I then e-mailed EVERY winner letting them know they won and gave them the normal 48 hrs. to respond before I would draw new winners. All were excited and responded very quickly. Each of their information has been sent off to the company providing the prize and those companies have verified the information and have scheduled their prizes to be sent. I have asked that the winners please send me a little paragraph and picture if possible letting us know how they enjoyed their prize. I look forward to sharing these fun things with all of you just as soon as I receive them.

From now on, we will be posting winners this way. We will e-mail the winner first then give them the 48 hrs. to respond before a new winner is chosen and e-mailed. Once we have received their response we will then post them for everyone to see. I believe this will keep the winners honest and fair. PLEASE, please include your e-mail with your giveaway entries from now on to be valid. Also, we will expect that you respond from the e-mail you provided to us and we e-mailed you at. Thank you so much for all your understanding in us wanting each of you who really deserve these prizes to receive them. We have so many fun giveaways scheduled this year, I can’t wait to share them with all of you! 🙂

Day #1- One-year GF Living Magazine Subscription
27: Andrea 40: Heather 15: Rachel

Day #2- Gluten Free Restaurant Guide Book
41: Colleayn

Day #3- Sprinkles Bakery $25.00 GC
19: Liz

Day #4- Gluten Free Microwave Mugcakes Cookbook
9: Jen Croley

Day #5- Amy’s Organic Goodies
51: wjhairel

Day #6- GFree Cuisine one-year membership
24: Christy

Day #7- Raging Raw Organics prize pack
7: Beth

Day #8- Rocky Mountain Popcorn
4: haleusay

Day #9- Nana’s Cookie Company
41: ladydi115

Day #10- Josef’s Gluten Free
23: Kimberly Dunn

Day #11- Laura’s Wholesome Junkfood
1: Stefanie

Day #12- Katz Gluten Free
Grand Prize 48: ladydi115
Runner Up 35: Richard

Day #13- Delicious Alternatives Cookbook
30: Toy Story

Day #14- Arbonne GC
28: Traci

Day #15- Smart Treats GC
41: lovelyai

Day #16- The Gluten Effect Book
6: Christy

Day #17- Gluten Free Pantry Goodies
42: Gluten Free Gal 34: ladydi115 45: Michelle

Day #18- Ian’s Natural Foods
32: Katie S 19: BethProverbs31 21: Eagles17

Day #19- Namaste
44: Stephanie

Day #20- Kinnikinnick
45: Richard

Day #21- Let’s Party GF Entertaining For Everyone book
30: Shanna

Day #22- Jules Gluten Free
43: Jennifer

Day #23- Popcorn, Indiana
20: Shana

Day #24- General Mills
31: Shanna

Day #25- Pamela’s Products
53: lovelyai

Day #26- Bisquick
5: Paula

Day #27- Cookies From Home
55: Jen Croley


  1. Thank you so much for all your work on this blog!!! You do an amazing job! 🙂

  2. So sorry the giveaway caused such a headache, it was fun to participate! Thanks for all your GF info!

  3. All of your hard work and generosity are very much appreciated!

  4. That's horrible.I can't stand when people are dishonest!
    Thanks for such a great site,and congrats to all of the winners!

  5. TY so much for the giveaway! I am looking forward to receiving my Ian's products! I haven't been contacted by Ian's yet, should I have been? Anyway, I want to thank you again. Sorry to hear you are having trouble with dishonest folks. Some people will stoop so low just to get anything free they can. Terrible!

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