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So tired…

So I just wanted to let all of you know why I have been slacking so much on putting new recipes up. I decided early in the year that I would make this a year about giving back to all of my wonderful readers. I committed to one gluten free giveaway a week and now one EVERY day during this very fun and exciting 25 Days of Christmas Giveaways, Gluten Free of Course event and I have wanted to make sure I stuck to that. Between that commitment, an amazingly fun and active toddler and the nausea and fatigue I experience during my pregnancies I am just too darn tired to create lots of new recipes in my kitchen. I have still been making dinners for my family but to be completely honest I have been using my own Gluten Free Frenzy library to make dinners instead of creating new meals. I guess its a good thing to use the resources I create for others but I have found I’ve done a lot less creating of new meals. I apologize for this and commit to making 2011 a better year for creating more new recipes for all you wonderful Gluten Free Frenzy readers. Our precious little baby is due in January so expect this new creating to start in February. 🙂 Thanks for understanding and I do hope that all the fun giveaways this year and especially this month have made up for it…


  1. I really appreciate all the giveaways you've been having. Growing a baby is hard work. Doubly hard while you are chasing a toddler. Enjoy it all.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    I appreciate all you are doing here with the giveaways. Just take it easy and get the rest and nutrition you need to take care of yourself and that precious new life in your tummy. I frequently post your blog link and recipes on my Facebook page, Gluten Free Review because of how much I enjoy them. I pray you, your family and that new little one on the way will be blessed!
    Best regards, Beth

  3. You do an awesome job on here.We understand how exhausting it can be to be pregnant,or to have a little one.(or both) You look so cute prego!

  4. Thanks so much everyone for all the supportive comments, it means so much to have a great gluten free “family” who understands different situations and supports you in them. I am so grateful for all you wonderful GFF readers! 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your pregnancy, Chandice! I had no idea … that's fabulous news! Now sit down and put your feet up. 😉 Your readers will be patient until you're in cooking mode again. 😉

    Happy holidays!

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