25 Days of Gluten Free Giveaways #23

I was able to taste many different flavors of this delicious popcorn and let me tell you, they were amazing! The savory flavors such as Buffalo Cheddar and Movie Theater were so great alone or on top of a nice green salad for that extra crunch and flavor. The sweet flavor of the Kettle Corn was a big hit in our house. It was gone within a few days!

So are you ready to win some Popcorn, Indiana?!

**(1) Grand Prize Winner- will be receiving an 8-pack box of snack bags of popcorn!!!

HERE’S HOW TO ENTER: (Please leave your e-mail with each entry so I can contact you if you win. If you don’t leave your e-mail, you will not be chosen as we do need some way to contact you. Thanks! :)

Just leave a comment HERE in the comments section, telling me which Popcorn, Indiana product sounds the yummiest to you.

*Giveaway ends Friday December 31, 2010 at 11:59 PM (MST). This giveaway is open to the US only.

**I was provided with sample product from Popcorn, Indiana for review purposes on this website. I was not paid or compensated in any other way for my reviews. They are my opinions and my opinions alone.

**25 Days of Christmas Giveaways, Gluten Free of Course! Event…FREE, EASY way to snag some gluten free swag!!! :)

25 Days of Christmas Giveaways, Gluten Free of Course! Event
When: Dec. 1-31 2010

What: During this AMAZING event we will be doing gluten free (and much more!) giveaways EVERY day!!! We know that gluten free living isn’t always cheap and especially at this time of year we thought all of our amazing readers deserved a little gluten free TLC!

A new giveaway will be introduced EVERY day but all giveaways will be open through the end of December. Entries for these giveaways will be one or two EASY steps. Winners will be drawn the 1st wk. of January.


  1. The aged white cheddar,cinnamon & sugar,and cocoa sound delicious!


  2. I love plain salted popcorn, so the sea salt one would be good, but the cinnamon sugar and the bacon ranch sound good, too.


  3. I would love all the flavors, especially the sea salt, cheddar, and kettle corn!

  4. This is my favorite brand of popcorn! The kettlecorn is delicious, but addicting!

  5. The white cheddar & also the cinnamon sugar sound delish!!


  6. I'm a die-hard white cheddar fan!
    asideofsimple at gmail dot come

  7. I don't need to be entered since I just received some to review for my blog, but this popcorn is delicious!! I encourage you all to enter this giveaway today.

    Gluten-Free Fun

  8. The dark chocolate drizzled one with dark chocolate chips … droooool.


  9. malinda03@gmail.com I love popcorn!!!

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  11. Cinnamon Sugar!

    michellemaskaly at yahoo dotcom

  12. Tina Borchardt says:

    Cinnamon sugar for my sweet tooth!


  13. The cinnamon sugar sounds yummy…they all do! homeschoolin_momatyahoodotcom

  14. cinnamon sugar!


  15. I love the Bacon Ranch. I've never tried Cinnamon Sugar that will be next on my list!

  16. Bacon Ranch. Mmmmmm!

  17. My favorite is the regular Kettle Corn. Once the bag is opened, it gets eaten until the bag is empty. Yum!

  18. Ohhh, Buffalo Cheddar & Cinnamon Sugar sounds the best.

  19. Kettle corn! cindym119@gmail.com

  20. I like sea salt & anything with caramel.

  21. both the white cheddar and the kettle corn sound awesome. thanks.


  22. I love this popcorn and Kettle corn is my favorite, but I'd love to try the cinamonn kettle corn.


  23. The Buffalo cheddar sounds like it would taste amazing. Our family would love to try it. Thanks so much for doing this whole Christmas giveaway. With gf items costing so much, this giveaway is an awesome opportunity.

  24. The Sea Salt and the Cocoa Kettlecorn both sound amazing. Would love to try these.


  25. Kettle corn for sure!

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  27. bacon and Ranch sounds outstanding. Can't go wrong with Bacon.

  28. I have never heard of this popcorn but it sounds yummy! I would love to try the kettle corn!

  29. Kettle corn is always a classic, but I think that the cinnamon sugar sounds amazing, too!


  30. Honestly, I didn't know you could get bacon ranch popcorn. This I would love to try.

  31. I would love to try their Buffalo Cheddar flavor.

  32. The cinnamon sugar kettle corn sounds yummy!


  33. I would love to try the Buffalo cheddar and the Cinnamon sugar. They sound delicious.


  34. I would love to try the cinnamon sugar and the cocoa varieties–sounds delish!


  35. I am SO obsessed (let's call it “fanatical,” even enamored) with the classic kettle corn, but I would LOVE to try the cinnamon sugar variety (I've never even seen it in stores in my area!).

  36. Mmmm… kettle corn and cocoa sound great. I don't think I've ever met a sweet popcorn I didn't like.


  37. kettlecorn sounds great!


  38. Kettle corn

  39. White Cheddar


  40. I love kettle corn . . .

  41. I have enjoyed Popcorn Indiana's movie theater and kettlecorn popcorns and they are amazing!! I think I would like to try the bacon ranch popcorn next.

  42. My daughter loves popcorn, so anything that she could actually eat would be great! It is so hard to find GOOD things that are gluten free!


  43. Aged white cheddar sound the best to me. 1prizewinner(at)gmail(dot)com

  44. The kettlecorn sounds really good.


  45. The buffalo cheddar sounds very interesting, and my intrigued of what that would taste like.

    rachelfleming (at) cedarville (dot) edu

  46. I love movie theatre popcorn so I'd love to try theirs to see how it compares to the real thing. Thanks.


  47. Kettlecorn is my absolute favorite! Cinnamon Sugar sounds interesting and Buffalo Cheddar sounds tasty.

    jordan.e.stoner AT gmail DOT com

  48. Kettle Corn! Yum!


  49. Age White Cheddar sounds yummy!


  50. Oh my gosh, their kettle corn is amazing! That's the only flavor I've ever tried, and I want to try the rest really bad!!
    reynoldsmommy at gmail dot com

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