Glutino Highlight & Giveaway!!!

Gluten Free Pretzels- This is a staple in our home. With a toddler it is a must! The taste is great and I have even used them in my recipes that call for pretzels with perfect results.

Yogurt Covered Pretzels- My favorite snack! I waited years for someone to make these gluten free and finally Glutino came to my rescue. My hubby used to buy these for me all the time when we were first married before I found out I had celiac disease. It was so nostalgic eating these yummy gluten free yogurt pretzels. I HIGHLY recommend them!

Vanilla and Chocolate Sandwich cookies- The vanilla and the chocolate version of these yummy classic sandwich cookies taste so great! They are excellent in recipes and on their own.

Breakfast Bars- The perfect on-the-go breakfast bar. I wasn”t a fan of the chocolate flavor but the strawberry was delicious!

Lemon Wafers- I thought these were so yummy, they reminded me of my childhood. I especially like the Strawberry flavor.

Gluten Free Pantry Perfect Pie Crust- This is my absolute go to pie crust mix. For my Thanksgiving pies this is the ONLY pie crust I will use. It makes delicious cinnamon sugar crisps too. Flaky and delicious!

Brown Rice Pancake and Waffle Mix- This was a great mix. It wasn”t my absolute favorite as most of you know, Pamela”s is my favorite pancake mix, however, it is really tasty.

Chocolate Truffle Brownies- A great alternative to making your own from scratch. I always add in extra yumminess like peanut butter, nuts or white chocolate chips and this is the perfect mix to do it with.

Chocolate Chip Cookies- This honestly isn”t my favorite chocolate chip cookie but it isn”t bad either. When you add in more items like nuts, white chocolate chips or dried fruit it makes them even more hearty as they seemed to kasyna polska be more of a flat cookie without.

So are you ready to win some Glutino Foods?!

**(3) Grand Prize Winners- will receive an assortment worth $25.00 of Glutino gluten free goodies!!!

HERE”S HOW TO ENTER: (Please leave your e-mail with each entry so I can contact you if you win.)

(Mandatory) Become a follower on AND visit Glutino website and tell me your favorite gluten free product. If you are already a follower, please still leave a comment that you are and do the second part. If possible tell a friend about this site.

Extra Entries:

1. Visit Gluten Free Frenzy and Glutino on Facebook and let us know you did.

2. Visit Glutino Website and tell me something interesting you learned about the company.

3. Grab our DIAPERSTYLE blog button in the top left corner (beneath the big welcome picture) of this site and place it on your blog. Leave a comment saying you did with a link to the place it is.

4. Post about this giveaway on your blog, Twitter or Facebook with a link back to us. (3 entries!!! So be sure to leave 3 comments for this.)


*If you have any questions just post to me. Also, existing fans, and followers of Gluten Free Frenzy you MUST submit that you follow or are a fan to have it count as an entry. I can”t go through everyone and submit their entry just for being a fan on my own, so please post that you are already a fan or follower if you are and specify to what (ex. Facebook, blog…) THIS IS A BLOG GIVEAWAY SO ALL ENTRIES TO WIN MUST BE DONE ON THIS BLOG POST…

*Giveaway ends Sunday October 31, 2010 at 11:59 PM (MST). This giveaway is open to the US only.

**Glutino provided me with sample products for review purposes on this website. I was not paid or compensated in any other way for my reviews. They are my opinions and my opinions alone.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Already follow you and Glutino on Facebook. :o)

    Blessings, Beth

  2. Anonymous says:

    What I didn't know about Glutino is actually how many products they offer! I learned they offer over 80 GF products! Cool!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Linked your site in a note on my Facebook page (since I don't have a blog), Gluten Free Review, where I added your button!

    Blessings, Beth Blair

  4. Sandi

    My kids love the new glutino yogurt and chocolate covered pretzels. A favorite snack pre-gluten-free, now available in our local supermarket! We also love the crackers and the plain pretzels.

  5. Visited GFF and Glutino on facebook. I was already a fan of your page, but I added Glutino for good measure.

  6. Visited Glutino's website and learned that they do internal testing and won't distribute unless the gluten is under 20ppm. That's impressive. I know some other major brands have let things slip through the cracks and had to do a major recall.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Posted your giveaway on my Facebook page, Gluten Free Review!
    Beth Blair

  8. Posted the Diaperstyle button on my blog. (And your Gluten Free Frenzy blog button) ~ Sandi

  9. Posted the giveaway on facebook, directly linking to your blog post.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Posted the wrong link before to your DiaperStyle site… Here is the correct one…I also tagged you on Facebook in the note.

    Beth Blair

  11. I am a follower and a huge fan of Glutino! I especially love their chocolate vanilla creme cookies (the closest thing to an oreo I have had!) as well as their many varieties of crackers!


  12. I am a follower and a huge fan of Glutino! I love their brownie mix and I think I'll try their pie crust next!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Just learned above the pretzels and already love the table crackers.

  14. I already follow you and my favorite Glutino product is the yogurt covered pretzels. I just had these a few weeks ago and they were gone within 2 days. :)

  15. I visited both Glutenfreefrenzy and Glutino on facebook.

  16. Glutino offers 80 products!

  17. I tweeted the giveaway!

  18. I am already a follower of GFF and would love to try the Spinach Soy Cheese pizza.

  19. I learned that Glutino has more than 80 products!

  20. I already follow GFF and Glutino on fb.

  21. I learned that Glutino website has great gluten free recipies.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I am a follower to your blog via email and I would like to try the chocolate covered pretzels.

  23. I am a follower to your blog via email and I would like to try the chocolate covered

  24. I just visited the Glutino website and I learned they have a great section with lots of different recipes.

  25. I love love love the lemon wafers. They are perfect for tea parties! The crackers are awesome too. :)

  26. I learned that they have organic bars! I hadn't seen them before. Chocolate Peanut Butter Organic Bars, Chocolate Banana Organic Bars and Wildberry Organic Bars – yumm!

  27. Posted the giveaway on my Facebook profile! :)

  28. I follow you already and would love to try their chocolate truffle brownies.

  29. I am already a follower and I love the Glutino vegetable crackers!

  30. already a follower and I LOVE the Glutino chocolate sandwich cookies and pretzels.


  31. “like” you and Glutino on Facebook!

  32. just visited Glutino website and learned they make DONUTS?!?!?! O my heavens I have to get some!!


  33. Already a follower. Ilove Glutino pretzels and the crackers. When I was first diagnosed with celiacs they were my favorite things to eat and helped me feel less deprived. I can't wait to try the yogurt covered pretzels and wow did I see they make donuts too? Have not had a donut in years.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I am already a follower and I LOVE the Vegetable Crackers, top with cheese and they are an awesome snack!

    olives6494 at yahoo dot com

  35. Anonymous says:

    Checked out Gluten Free Frenzy and Glutino on facebook, already like them both!

    olives6494 at yahoo dot com

  36. I'm a follower and I have to agree with you about those yogurt covered pretzels. Love them!

    asideofsimple at gmail dot com

  37. Visited both GFG and Glutino on Facebook!

    asideofsimple at gmail dot com

  38. Just visited Glution's website and I can't believe I didn't know they make frozen foods! Perfect for those busy nights!

    asideofsimple at gmail dot com

  39. Posted a link to this giveaway on my personal Facebook account (but since it's part of my blog, just personal, I would prefer not to post a link- hope that's ok?).

    Awesome giveaway, though, thanks for sharing information about all these great products!

    asideofsimple at gmail dot com

  40. I just found your blog and I became a follower. I also checked out the Glutino website and noticed that they offer so so many more flavors of bread than what I have in my gorcery store. My favorite is the flax seed bread that is frozen. Quite good toasted. I'll follow your blog now. Thanks and I look forward to more giveaways.

  41. I checked out Glutino website and I learned that their bagels actually look real. Good photography or good bagels? I will try them out to be sure. Thanks.
    erinsmalls at gmail dot com

  42. I am a follower & visited glutino.
    My fave glutino products are the pretzels( even
    My none GF friends love them) and the pizza
    crust(love making my own customized pizza)

  43. Learned that Glutino acquired Gluten Free Pantry.

  44. I am a follower,and my daughter loves Glutino pizza and the chocolate wafers.(she said they taste like a Kit Kat)

  45. I visited Glutino and you on facebook :)

  46. I learned that glutino has been around since 1983!!! Wow!

  47. I posted about the giveaway on facebook.

  48. Posting again because I posted about the giveaway on my facebook page. :)

  49. Posting again because I posted about the giveaway on my facebook page. :)

  50. I am a follower, and I visited and became a fan of Glutino on Facebook. I can't wait to find out more about new delicious Glutino products!


  51. I am a follower, and I just visited the Glutino website, and I had no idea that the company has been around since 1983! I am so glad that they have expanded so much since then, because they are such an asset to the gluten-free community!


  52. I am a follower and I love their english muffins and rice bars especially the peanut butter and chocolate chip, tastes much better then a reese's!

  53. I visited on facebook!

  54. I didn't know they had a newsletter, so I signed up! :)

  55. I am a follower and the chocolate covered pretzels are my favorite glutino product.


  56. I visited Gluten Free Frenzy and Glutino on Facebook.


  57. I visited the website and learned that Glutino has frozen meals.


  58. Visited Glutino and Glutenfree Frenzy on Facebook today. I like both of these pages!

  59. Visited the Glutino website. My daughhter already loves the pretzels, but I think she would like the yogurt covered pretzels even more!

  60. Visited the Glutino website and found some great recipes. I particularly like the muffin recipes.

  61. I just posted this contest on my twitter site @patty5742

  62. I just posted this contest on my twitter site @patty5742

  63. I just posted this contest on my twitter site @patty5742

  64. lovepoetes says:

    Hi, I am already a GFF follower and looked at Glutino's website. The poppy and sesame bagels look delicious.


  65. lovepoetes says:

    I visited the GFF Facebook page and Glutino's Facebook page (and Liked Glutino).

  66. lovepoetes says:

    I checked out Glutino's website and I had no idea they had so many awesome GF products. I've only seen a few in my stores. I just recently tried the sandwich cookies for the first time and love them.

    Thanks. This would be so awesome to win.

  67. Every Glutino product I've tried so far is great! LOVE their frozen chicken pad thai though. I've been very disappointed with other brands of gf frozen food. Now that I've tried that one, it's on my grocery list weekly!

  68. Some things I learned from Glutino's Web site:
    Glutino also makes the “Gluten Free Pantry” products — love their sandwich bread! And Glutino also now makes chocolate-covered pretzels. Can't wait to try them out!

  69. Follow your blog. Visited the glutino site. I love their pretels and also their lemon wafers.

  70. Visited Gluten Free Frenzy and Glutino on Facebook.

  71. I visited the Glutino site. I didn't know that they made donuts. How exciting!

  72. I posted a link to this giveaway on my facebook wall.

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