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I had the pleasure of reviewing a few copies of Gluten Free Living magazine and can I just tell you it is amazing! In fact, I used many of the topics in the latest issue and much of the information I read in it to lead our support group discussion tonight on traveling gluten free, and dealing with social situations. It was an excellent source of information! We talked about the french fries that are gluten-free when you are on the road and eating out as it was one of the articles in the last issue. We also talked about common misconceptions in ingredients. It was a wonderful discussion and was very enlightening. I am already addicted to this great magazine. I know all of you would just love it too!

As stated on the Gluten Free Living website, Gluten-Free Living is the only national, full-color magazine completely devoted to helping you lead a happy, healthy gluten-free life. We answer your questions about ingredients so you feel comfortable about your diet choices. We decipher the food labels you have to read to make those choices. And we explain how nutrition fits into your gluten-free lifestyle. We walk you through big life experiences from dining in college, to maintaining a healthy pregnancy. And we help you with the small but important matters like how to choose a bread machine or even enjoy a night out eating pizza with family and friends. Every issue will ease your anxiety about the gluten-fee life by giving you well researched information you can count on.

Some other information on the Gluten Free Living website that I enjoyed learning that I think you would too.
GFL has a medical advisory board made up of physicians who are experts in treating those with celiac disease, and cutting edge researchers. The dietitian advisory board includes nutritionists specializing in the gluten-free diet.

GFL, published for more than a decade, is known for extensive and reliable research into ingredients and the gluten-free diet. The editors use their journalism experience to investigate and clear-up misinformation about the gluten-free diet.

What a wonderful magazine for those of us living gluten-free. Also, could you think of a greater holiday gift for someone living gluten-free??!!

So are you ready to win a one-year Gluten Free Living Magazine Subscription?!

**(3) Grand Prize Winners- will receive a FREE one-year Gluten Free Living Magazine Subscription!!!

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  1. Hi I just started 'officially' following your website. Hoping to win this year subscription. I would love to read the tips from the Dietitian every month!

  2. Oh and I am now following you on Twitter. My email address by the way is Zytosales(at)gmail(dot)com.

  3. And I just looked at your facebook page :) again my email address is zytosales (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks! Hope I win, this would be great to have in our house!

  4. I just signed up to be a follower. First of all, even thought it has nothing to do with today's posting, thank you for introducing me to My Custom Cereal. Wonderful stuff.

    Gluten Free Living looks amazing and I really enjoyed the back to school tips they had on their blog.

    Thanks for introducing me to so many wonderful gluten free things.


  5. I love your Facebook site and check it out all the time.

  6. I am subscribed to by e-mail.

  7. I am a follower (jencroley) and like that Gluten Free Living has a focus on nutrition, not just on being gluten free.


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  23. Every time I get my hands on Living Without I am hooked. This magazine has a wrath of information that keeps me hooked. Purchasing this magazine has been on my shopping list forever. It can be a bit pricey for me, so this would be a perfect opportunity for me to save the money!

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    I was glad to find that Gluten Free Living magazine has medical specialists and nutritionists. It's always good to stay updated with the medical studies that are going on.

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  34. I am already a follower of GFF. And the tips for traveling and eating out GF would be awesome to read about. That is a big problem of mine. Thanks.

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    I would love a subscription to learn new and creative ways about living GF!

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  43. I'm already a follower, just went to the website and I'm excited about learning more about ingredients–I was curious about spelt, one local bakery swore up and down that they made a GF bread from spelt–I didn't purchase it but it is certainly NOT GF according to the article I read!

  44. I just checked out your facebook page–very awesome and said that I “like” this!

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  46. I'm already a follower! I love the News Flash section. I love how it's updated regularly. Latest celiac news at my fingertips!

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  49. I love the On your plate section…There is alot of information about iffy ingredients.

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  53. another entry for posting about the giveaway on Facebook :)!/dhecke

  54. another entry for posting about the giveaway on Facebook :)!/dhecke

    Thank you for the AWESOME giveaway

  55. I am a follower and the most exciting thing is about how to eat out while being gluten free.

  56. This is a great giveaway! I've been wanting to check out this magazine. I see that the current issue has an article on Gluten Free lunch ideas and I would love to read that!
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  58. I follow as PinchingAbe via GFC.

    I would be excited to win because there's still a lot I don't know about gluten free food choices.

    I found it interesting that they can legally call malt “flavoring” which is total BS. It should say exactly what is in it on the label.

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