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TTT- Tuesday’s Tasty Tip with Chef David Hall

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TTT (7/6/10) Grill Your Vegetables – Don’t Fry Them

Nothing makes vegetables taste better than grilling them; well, except maybe sautéing them with bacon or plating them in cream/cheese sauce. OK, let’s just say grilling is one of the best ways to accentuate the flavors in vegetables, especially if you wrap them in rendered bacon and finish them on the grill.

Grilling caramelizes the natural sugars in the vegetables, and when combined with other seasonings you have a great low-fat means of preparing vegetables that most people truly enjoy (unless of course you’re using the bacon wrap). Those grill marks on your vegetables will make for a stunning presentation on any plate, making your guests “Ooooh and Aaahhh” over your masterful creation.

Grilling Vegetables Guidelines:
Trim and thoroughly wash vegetables.
Cut vegetables in half or into thick slices. Each piece should typically be about 1/2 inch thick for hard vegetables.
Dry the vegetables so marinades or oil will coat the vegetables
Using a brush, lightly coat the vegetables with canola oil and an acid such as lemon, lime or vinegar to balance the oil used. I use canola because of its higher smoke point and does not change the flavor of the vegetables.
Preheat grill to a medium-high heat.
Place larger pieces directly on the grate, while small vegetables are skewered or grilled in a grilling basket. .
To prevent drying, turn the vegetables just after you achieve a char and brush with additional oil to prevent drying.
When the skin begins to blister and the middle becomes soft take them off the grill.
Serve immediately.

Remember, different vegetables and different thicknesses will take different amounts of time to cook. Accommodate for these variations with different thickness to shorten cooking times for firmer vegetables.

For specific techniques used for specific vegetables, consider taking my Grilling 101 Course. Go to for more information.

Gotta go, or I’ll burn my asparagus that’s on the grill

Chef David

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