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Mambo Foods Reviews

I had the great honor of reviewing the following items through Mambo Foods. Each was delicious in it’s own way. Here are some of my thoughts. Remember that these items are available for you at your local health food stores such as Whole Foods and Sprouts.

Crunchmaster Multiseed Crackers- A great little nutrient dense snack. They can be paired well with a slice of cheese or just eaten on their own. My little boy really enjoyed these crackers.

Barbara’s Brown Rice Crisps- I really enjoyed utilizing this product in cooking mixed with a few spices as a crust for chicken and fish.

Barbara’s Puffins Honey Rice- So delicious, I liked snacking on these right from the box. The honey flavor was so mild, yet sweet and tasty that I couldn’t bear covering it with milk.

Barbara’s Puffins Multi Grain- Another great product to utilize in your cooking. I know many would also enjoy just as a snack.

Glutino Chocolate Covered pretzels- Oh my goodness…these were so good! They were gone in nearly a day because the flavors were spot on!

Glutino Breakfast Bars- I’m not a big fan of breakfast bars so these weren’t my favorite. My husband does like bars however, and he enjoyed them.

Gluten Free Pantry Chocolate chip cookie mix- A great little American treat. Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? These will satisfy your craving for them.

Gluten Free Pantry Brownie Mix- Delicious and chocolaty. I like mixing in other ingredients to the batter to make a more hearty brownie. Peppermint candies crushed and peanut butter are my two favorites.

Gluten Free Pantry Pancake Mix- This was a good pancake mix. I am still partial to Pamela’s Products Pancake Mix but this was a great substitute when we were wanting to make pancakes and didn’t have our usual mix on hand. Great taste.

Ian’s Animal crackers- Oh boy, we had to hide these from my little boy because he would go to the closet and get them down himself! He loves these little sweet treats. They are that great classic kids treat.

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