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Attune Bars Review

I had the opportunity of doing a two-week Attune probiotic bar challenge. These bars are chalked full of not only great taste but also good for you probiotics that you can normally only get in yogurt or kefir. This is an excellent way to enjoy a little bar of chocolate goodness while also getting your daily probiotics into your body. Here are a few things about probiotics in general as well as those in Attune bars.
The following information came from the Attune Foods website. It is excellent information that I didn’t want you to miss out on.

The probiotics story begins with intestinal bacteria, which are a community of good and bad bacteria that live in the digestive system. We all have naturally occurring bacterial communities in our digestive systems. They help:

  • Protect the body from harmful bacteria.
  • Exercise the immune system to ensure it is ready to react to harmful bacteria.
  • Strengthen the intestinal wall so it acts as a defensive barrier.
  • Digest fiber in the diet, so we can absorb the nutrients from the foods we eat.

These digestive bacteria are essential to overall wellbeing. Probiotics act as a helper to these friendly bacteria, and that help can keep the digestive system
functioning well. As an additional resource on probiotics, read this informative guide published by the American Gastroenterological Association.

  • Attune probiotics are proven to survive in the digestive tract, where they can provide optimal health benefits.
  • The probiotics in Attune have been clinically tested to support a healthy digestive system and a strong immune system.*
  • Attune wellness bars also include prebiotics, which support healthy digestive function and work in harmony with probiotics.

Attune uses a blend of three different Kosher and GRAS certified probiotic strains selected specifically for their superior clinical efficacy and safety as well as demonstrated stability. These include Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM, Lactobacillus casei Lc-11 and Bifidobacterium lactis HN019.

When I wondered about the ingredients and gluten-free practices because of some labeling confusion, I received this excellent response.

You will be glad to know that we test our bars at an independent lab to be under 5 parts per million of gluten, well below the FDA standard. The machinery is also thoroughly washed in between production runs. We understand that probiotics can be beneficial for those with celiac disease and want to offer it in a way that fits into their lifestyle (and is delicious).

I was able to taste two delicious flavors of the bars during my two-week challenge here is what I thought of them.

Blueberry Vanilla- This delicious vanilla, white chocolate bar came heaping with the delicious flavor of fresh blueberries. I could see the blueberries next to the white chocolate and that was a treat for my eyes as well. The blueberries provided a nice texture change from the velvety smooth chocolate. Delicious!

Chocolate Crisp- The perfect combination of traditional (and delicious) milk chocolate with rice crisps. This was fun for both my tongue and my palate with the texture and taste combination. It was a classic treat!

This was a wonderful challenge for myself and would be for anyone. Attune foods is now a proud sponsor of the Celiac Disease Foundation. I recommend taking this great challenge for yourself. Enjoy!


  1. These look amazing! It's like candy that's good for you! I definitely want to try these.

    Thanks for all the information on the probiotics. It's really helpful.

    Great post. =D

  2. Thanks Gfree_Miel, I am so glad you enjoyed it. I love when my posts can help or enlighten another. 🙂

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