Garden of Eating & Ice Dream Cookbook Giveaways!!!

Wow, could there be a more comprehensive, and truly natural cookbook than The Garden of Eating. I couldn’t believe how many amazing recipes there were that consisted of truly nutrient rich foods. I loved how good I felt eating these great tasting recipes!

I grew up in a family that was very much a part of the healthful living movement. Our family uses coconut oil, Real Salt and other earth-made (instead of man-made) ingredients in our cooking. I love the Chef Rachel captured that type of cooking when she wrote this cookbook. Recently at on of our local CDF support group meetings we had Chef Rachel come and discuss her books and her views on eating a more produce dominated diet. She brought in some of her foods for us to sample and WOW!!! Let me just tell you, her nut butter dips are an amazing accompaniment to her delicious veggies. The gluten-free chocolate brownie/cake dessert she brought in was the topper to the evening. It couldn’t have been more delicious and I didn’t feel bad eating it knowing what high-quality ingredients were used to make it. Now that is a good feeling! :)

Chef Rachel also has another great cookbook that is perfect for enjoying those sweets and treats but not wanting ALL the quilt that comes with it. The Ice Dream Cookbook uses such products as coconut milk and natural sweeteners to make delicious dairy-free ice creams and gluten-free cookies. This is an excellent cookbook for anyone!

The Garden of Eating: A Produce Dominated Diet and Cookbook

Drawing on the landmark work of Weston A. Price, D.D.S., and the time-tested food ways of healthy preagricultural people, The Garden of Eating is a comprehensive guide for obtaining the health-building benefits of a diet based on fresh vegetables and fruits along with pasture-fed animal products. It provides a simple, practical dietary plan and includes time-saving tips, resource lists, shopping lists, menus, and 250 delicious, nutritious, family-friendly, grain- and dairy-free recipes, plus eight appendices; 592 pages, illustrated and indexed.

Now in its 4th printing. More than 5,000 copies have been sold!

The Ice Dream Cookbook: Dairy-Free Ice Cream Alternatives with Gluten-Free Cookies, Compotes & Sauces

The first cookbook to feature delicious, naturally sweetened dairy-free frozen desserts made from coconut milk along with wheat- and gluten- free, naturally sweetened cookies, fruit compotes, and sauces. Provides information about the health benefits of coconut; tips for using a non-caloric herbal sweetener; charts to help you modify your favorite dessert recipes; a guide to buying ice cream makers and other kitchen tools; ingredient glossary; 80 recipes with more than 200 variations; clear and detailed instructions; nutrition breakdowns, four appendices, index, illustrations, and 300 total pages.

So are you ready to win one of Chef Rachel’s Cookbooks?!

**(2) Grand Prize Winners- will receive a copy of one of Chef Rachel’s cookbooks. One winner will receive The Garden of Eating cookbook and one winner will receive The Ice Dream Cookbook.

HERE’S HOW TO ENTER: (Please leave your e-mail with each entry so I can contact you if you win.)

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