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Feature GF Bloggers-Tell all Tuesday!!!

We have been doing a fun new feature where I highlighted other gluten-free bloggers that I think are doing a great job in the gluten-free community. I have many ideas for bloggers in mind but if you know of someone you would just love to see featured please e-mail me at

The gluten-free blogger I will be featuring today is a very sweet lady with lots of passion for blogging. She studies things that are important to her in the gluten-free world and is so kind as to share them with us. I appreciate her love for learning more and more about living gluten-free everyday! I now introduce to you, Wendy of Gluten Free Greenie!

Please tell everyone a little about yourself.

If you read about me on my blog you’ll read that I’m a bit of an idealist. I want everyone to be happy and think everyone should want the same for others. I don’t understand mean people. I cry easily and laugh often. I love cartoons. I believe I have the best husband in the world. I have Celiac Disease, Meniere’s Disease, and chronic problems with my hip, but I’m determined to find a way to live an active, useful, happy life.

And all of that is true. I’m also an artist, a wife, and “mother” to a wonderful 16 year old dog named Sandy and to Max, an almost 20 pound, 26 toed cat.

Please tell me about your gluten-free blog.

First I guess I should explain the name – glutenfreegreenie – the life of a gluten-free green loving artist. By green loving I mean that I’m eco conscious. I’m not as eco conscious as I probably should be, but I try and sometimes you will find a post on my blog about eco products or my eco views, but for the most part you will find my blog to be all about gluten-free things. I post about gluten-free product reviews, restaurant reviews, gluten-free recipes…things like that.

How long have you been blogging?

Since April 27, 2008. Wow, my 2 year anniversary is coming up!

Why did you start a gluten-free blog?

My blog started out as a private place for me to voice what was going on in my life, trying out all these new products, new recipes, how I was treated in restaurants, how hard it was to go to a party. How my body was changing. For years the doctors told me that I had Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and IBS. I just had to live it. It was just a place for me to try and keep up with everything. This was more of a diary really than a blog. A place I could go and learn more about what was going on with me since I found out I was allergic to wheat and then more. (you can read more about that in blog if you want)

Then I started reading other gluten-free blogs, I found myself answering more and more people’s questions, feeling more confident with this gluten free life and decided to open my blog up to the public.

I thought if I could help someone who was newly diagnosed find out that it’s possible, and not really as hard as it seems, to follow a gluten-free lifestyle and be happy. Well, I could be doing a good thing with this little blog of mine.

What kinds of products do you feature on your blog?

Mostly gluten free products I’ve tried, every once in a while I’ll feature an eco product, or maybe a bake ware product. I try to feature gluten-free products that are also good for you. No preservatives, No hydrogenated oils…stuff like that. If they do, I let everyone know I’m looking for a better product.

What would you like to see with your gluten-free blog in the future?

More recipes, I haven’t been able to be in the kitchen as much this past year as I would have liked because of health issues and I would really like to cook more!

I’d also like to sponsor more giveaways. Get my readers more involved in my blog. Find out what they are interested in. The reason I opened this blog to the public was because I enjoyed helping people, I would like to know more about how I can help the person who is newly taking on the gluten-free diet, or help any one who is on a gluten-free diet meet their daily challenges.

What do you love about gluten-free blogging most?

I love helping other people who have to be on a gluten-free diet and making friends through all the other gluten-free blogs. I also love all the things I have learned from other gluten-free bloggers!

Do you do giveaways? If so, what was your favorite giveaway?

I’ve only done one giveaway so far, but I will soon be doing another one if things work out well. So I’d have to say the first giveaway I’ve done was my favorite. A Rachel Ray Cookie Sheet!

Tell me some of your favorite gluten-free blogs that you read.

Well, Gluten-Free Frenzy of course! (I promise she didn’t pay me to say that!)

Celiac Underground

Gluten Free Taste of Home

No Grain, No Pain

A life of Sugar and Spice

I read over 100 blogs I hate slighting any of them, but I’m sure you don’t want me to list them all here.

How can people find you?

email me at

you can see some of my artwork at

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  1. This is such a great idea! I can't wait to read all of these other blogs =D

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