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Slanket and Xocia gluten-free chocolate GIVEAWAY!!!

Are you always trying to get comfy with your blankets on the couch but just can’t seem to get covered perfectly from neck to toes? If you are anything like me, you get the blanket comfy around your arms and neck then your toes are peeking out the bottom of the blanket! I can’t stand that! Well let me tell you my new favorite comfy product…the Slanket! It is a HUGE blanket with sleeves that more that covers your entire body. I am 5’9 and have a very tall husband and both of us can be covered PLUS have extra blanket for tucking on those especially chilly nights (ok so that’s 40 degrees for us here in Arizona but we have thin blood! ๐Ÿ™‚ The Slanket is the perfect snuggler because it is so warm and soft. Made of fleece, you will not only be warm but comfy too. The Slanket has oversized sleeves so that you don’t feel to confined. You have full use of your hands while using the Slanket. You can read your book or magazines while keeping your entire body warm and snuggled. At 60″W x 95″L, the Slanket is sure to cover even the tallest of bodies!

I just LOVE my Slanket. I couldn’t believe how perfectly oversized it was when I first got it out of the box. I think my exact words to my husband were, “I don’t need any of my other blankets anymore!” There is the perfect amount of extra material at the neck so you can snuggle your neck up even more. I can’t even tell you how much I love the Slanket!

The Slanket comes in so many colors and designs including, Ruby Red, Blue, leopard print, and even pirate themed for the kids! Fun! The Slanket not only comes in the perfect single size but also in kids (which is also very large, 44″W x 66″L to be exact), travel (58″W x 66″L in size is perfect for airplane rides and taking with you in the car) and the Siamese Slanket for snuggling with your sweetie. At 120″W x 95″L in size and two sets of sleeves, Isn’t this the perfect gift for Valentines?! I thought it would be so I just had to include it in my BIG Valentines giveaway along with…

Xocia chocolate is an antioxidant rich dark chocolate with a melt in your mouth flavor you will become addicted too. With 3 little chocolate nuggets a day at an antioxidant equivalent of 12 servings of fruits & vegetables you can’t go wrong! The Nuggets; X Power Squares, Omega Squares & XoBiotic Squares are GLUTEN FREE & APPROVED KOSHER which is perfect for all of us staying away from gluten. The Cacao used in Xocia is purchased from small family farms; without the use of pesticides or human exploitation. Like Joann Price, Independent Distributor says, “Xocai products are not intended to replace your daily intake of fruits or vegetables, but be honest, how many servings did you eat in the last 24 hours??? If you’re not eating 10-13 servings of fruits & vegetables, you need to be eating the only antioxidant rich healthy chocolate: Xocai! It really is just that simple.” It really is!

I am a huge fan of the little nuggets. They are thick and creamy and melt on your tongue like a snowflake (cheesy, but it’s true!). Each little 12-gram piece of Xoรงaiโ„ข Nuggets has an ORAC Value or Antioxidant content of 3,120. Furthermore, the Xoรงaiโ„ข Nuggets are the only chocolate bar, dark or milk, in the marketplace that has printed on the packaging the ORAC value or antioxidant content of the product. ORAC: Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. ORAC is how the Antioxidant levels are measured – the bigger, the better.
The Omega Squares (that have the orange peel bits, flax seeds & the plant-based Omega 3s, In addition to the 11,319 ORAC, 3 Omega Squares deliver 200mg Omega- that’s comprable to 1/2 cup of Tuna!), taste like a chocolate orange you are used to getting in your stocking on Christmas! This was a fun treat for me especially since I had that taste build in to my memory to remind me of Christmas morning. I loved the nostalgic memory in my mouth!

So are you ready to win the cozy, comfy Slanket and some gluten-free, antioxidant rich Xocia chocolate?!
**Grand Prize- 1 Slanket and 2 boxes of Xocia chocolate nuggets (one for you and one to share!)

*Runner-up prize- 2 boxes of Xocia chocolate nuggets (one for you and one to share!)

HERE’S HOW TO ENTER: (Please leave your e-mail with each entry so I can contact you if you win.)

(MANDATORY): Become a follower, publicly here on and leave me a comment saying you did AND visit both Slanket and Xocia Chocolate and tell me the color of Slanket and type of chocolate you would most like to win and try!!!

Extra Entries:

1. Grab my Gluten Free Frenzy button (in upper left hand corner) and display it on your blog. Leave me a comment with the link to where you posted it. (This counts as 2 entries, so please leave two comments.)

2. Visit Slankets story page (Click here) and tell me something you found interesting about it’s development.

3. Visit the Xocia difference page (Click here) and tell me something interesting you learned. It will amaze you what they do to regular chocolate!

4. Visit my Amazon store (click here) or in the left hand column of this site and tell me something for sell that looks interesting to you. (There are books, GF magazines, foods and other fun products including the Slanket!)

5. Blog about this giveaway and link back to us. Leave a comment with the link to the post. (This counts as 3 entries, so please leave 3 identical comments.)

6. Tweet about this giveaway with a link back to Tweet as much as you would like, 1 entry per tweet! Be sure to leave a comment for each.

7. Follow Slanket on Twitter and leave a comment saying you do.

8. Follow Gluten Free Frenzy on Twitter and leave me a comment saying you do.

**Automatic Bonus Entry!!! If you left a comment on the 14 Days of Valentines, Day 1 (2/1/2010) post before today you get an extra entry! Just be sure to leave a comment with your name saying you did! Congrats!

This giveaway is open to U.S. readers only. No P.O. boxes. This giveaway ends Sunday 2/15/2010 at 11:59 PM (MST).



  1. This is awesome!! GREAT giveaway!!

    I just added your button to my page. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Just visited the Slanket site and I think “Walk the Slank” slanket is the best design ever!

  3. And just visited the Xocai page. Great products…especially the chocolate energy drink. ๐Ÿ™‚ Learning how the “store-bought” chocolates are stripped of their antioxidents, makes me think twice about the chocolate I'm buying!

  4. Cute Amazon shop! You have some of my favorite products in there…especially the Garden of Eatin' blue corn taco shells! YUM!!!

  5. I commented on Day 1! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. And day 2. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. I visited Slanket and Xocia. I like the Safari Slanket and the Xocia Xobiotic Squares. Thanks!

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  8. I follow Slanket on Twitter (lipstickncandy)

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  9. I follow you on Twitter (lipstickncandy)

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  10. I found it interesting that Xocia uses unprocessed cold pressed chocolate rather than the “dutching” process.

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  11. I learned that the first Slanket was made by the creator's mother!

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  12. I liek the Betty Crocker Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, 19-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) in your shop, I didn't know that Betty Crocker made gluten free goods!!

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  13. I'm a follower already, I would love a chocolate Slanket and I'm thinking the sipping chocolate sounds wonderful!

  14. I checked out your Amazon store–I'm interested in the Kinnikik Smoreables graham crackers!

  15. I am a follower already but I had never heard of a Slanket. I liked the moss green one. In fact, I wish I had one right now!
    The cocoa product,Xocia, looks very interesting. I would like the protein bar since it has the protein of two eggs!

  16. I am always cold so I have been wanting to try a slanket! :)I am a follower.
    I like the royal with sleeves or the princess amore pink.
    I also think the protein bar would be yummy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I thought it was interesting that the inventor was snuggled up in a sleeping bag before the snaklet was born. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I was surprised that at 100 degrees chocolate loses its antioxidant properties.

  19. Greeting Cards – I Presume these are Gluten Free?

    Those are so cute!!!

  20. david dobson david dobson
  21. I follow publicly and I would love to try the Xoรงaiโ„ข Powerhouse Cookies

  22. I thought it was interesting that while watching Late Night with Conan O'Brien the creator decided to tear a hole in his sleeping bag so I could keep my upper body warm as I channel surfed during the commercial breaks. I wonder if Conan knows that?

  23. WOW! I didnt realize that Dutching removes most of the chocolate's antioxidant benefits or that roasting chocolate destroys most of its antioxidant compounds.

  24. your amazon site is super cute! I would love to try the Nana's No Gluten Ginger Cookie

  25. david dobson david dobson
  26. I am a follower!!

  27. I have your button on my site!!

  28. I would love the Apricot Slanket!! It's a gorgeous color!

  29. I'd like to try the Nuggets. I like to snack on chocolate throughout the day and I think these wiould help with my moral during the day!

  30. david dobson david dobson
  31. david dobson david dobson
  32. I follow you on! I LOVE the “impending bloom” colored Single Slanket (looks so summery!) and would die to try the powerhouse cookies from Xocia chocolate as cookies are my weakness.

  33. I visited the Slankets story page and got a kick out of how they were developed. Tearing a hole in a sleeping bag…why didn't I ever think of that?! It's always cold in Wisconsin!

  34. I visited the Xocia page and was amazed to find out about how most chocolate is processed. Liked finding out that Xocia brand is “cold pressed” so maintains 100% of it's nutritional value! SWEET!

  35. I checked out your Amazon store! HANDY!! I think the Xagave agave nectar looks yummy…missed out on that giveaway!

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