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14 Days of Valentines… Day 1

Day 1 (today!): Send your sweetheart an e-card to their e-mail. It is an awesome surprise!

This is just something fun I thought I would share with you all since this is a gluten-free “lifestyle” website. The lifestyle part is where I get the opportunity to share things we do as a family or products we love that just make life better!

I am starting the 14 Days of Valentines for my sweet hubby today. I am doing something different everyday and will post them for you to use or change up a bit to make your own. I thought it was a cute idea for that special someone you have no idea what to do for on Valentines. This way I have done little things for 14 days up until Valentines that I don’t feel so much pressure the day of. Let me know what you think and how it is going for you guys. I would love to hear reactions! Along the road of our 14 days I will share with you all, some of my favorite Valentines day (or other sweet days) memories and pictures. I will also throw in some of the cute things we have done for each other on past Valentines to give you ideas. Sadly for my hubby, it is my favorite holiday!!! Poor guy has to think of creative things every year. 🙂

Ideas for Valentines from these pictures. My husband is a sports freak! So for our first Valentines together here is what I did.

~Got him a new softball bag, bat and mit and filled the bag with red tissue paper and some fun sports treats.
~Made heart shaped sugar cookies with pink frosting and red sprinkles. My mom always did this for us so I started and have continued the tradition every year. Gluten-free of course!
~Bought giant red fancy glasses and the drink Guarana. His favorite drink from Brazil where he lived for 2 years and sat it along side a teddy bear with a red sweater, a small bottle of cologne and a red framed picture of us.

**Feel free to leave comments of fun Valentines ideas you have. I love hearing new ideas. I may just post them for everyone to use!!!


  1. You guys are too cute! 🙂

  2. I think the 14 days of Valentines is a great idea and I borrowed it. Thanks for all the great recipes and ideas.:D

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