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Xagave Highlight and Giveaway!!!

As many of you know I use agave in many of my recipes. I think it is an excellent TRULY NATURAL alternative to sugar. If it were not just as natural as honey I absolutely would NOT be using it. My motto is to use real products. For that reason I love Xagave. It is such a great product. Many of my friends who live here in Arizona know and love Xagave as much as I do.

Xagave sweetens food with only half the amount called for of sugar (1/2 c. Xagave = 1 c. sugar). It’s great! The cool thing about Xagave is that they use both the blue and the white agave to create their special blend. This gives it much more of a neutral sweet taste rather than the distinct taste of just blue agave. Some other great things about Xagave include these. It is organically grown, which I love! It is a very low glycemic food (about 30!) which is great for many diabetics, but again is TRULY NATURAL. A glycemic number of 30 is even lower than carrots and milk!

Because you only use half what you would of sugar you also save calories which, especially while we are trying to watch what we eat in the beginning of 2010, is excellent! Xagave has a low glycemic number so it doesn’t spike your blood sugar. This is great because you have better energy throughout the day while still enjoying your sweets. Of course, you still have to eat them in moderation, which is my challenge since they taste so good! 🙂

I love this information and wanted it to come directly from the website. “Unlike other some other nectars, Xagave contains inulin, a naturally occurring byproduct from the Agave Tequilana plant, which we have reintroduced and standardized at 11% by volume. This means that you get approximately 7 to 8 grams of inulin a day merely by consuming three tablespoons of Xagave. Inulin is a water-soluble dietary fiber that is consumed and absorbed in the lower intestine and provides”… many health benefits.

So are you ready to win some Xagave?! If you have used this product you know this is an awesome giveaway! Xagave is giving one Gluten Free Frenzy reader their Xagave cookbook (Which I have and love!) and a 25 oz. bottle of Xagave!


(MANDATORY): Become a follower, publicly on here on and leave me a comment saying you did AND visit Xagave and tell me something you found interesting that makes you want to try this great product.

Extra Entries:
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3. Blog about this giveaway and link back to us. Leave a comment with the link to the post. (3 entries so leave 3 comments)

This giveaway is open to U.S. readers only. No P.O. boxes. This giveaway ends Monday 2/1/2010 at 11:59 PM (MST).

I have included pictures one of my yummy recipes made from the cookbook to get your mouth watering!


  1. I became a follower. I am excited to be part of another GF blog! I got your card at the GF Country Store! I think it's cool that Xagave is sweeter than sugar!

  2. Following Xagave on Twitter

  3. Following Glutenfreefrenz on twitter

  4. I blogged about it 🙂

  5. I'm a follower and about the Xagave .. I've never seen this product and I'm so excited about it. I am amazed that it has inulin! I'm a diabetic and this would be a great product for me to use! I hope I can find it in our local stores.
    Mrs. Brown

  6. I'm following you … Gluten Free Frenzy on Twitter!!

  7. How cool that they have cooking/baking instructions on their website! We are big agave users (we use a different organic brand *gasp* and had never heard of this one) but I'm always wary about baking with it and usually use cane juice instead…now I know what to do!! And I'm already a follower! 🙂

  8. I have never heard of this product before and am so excited to try it. I am trying to go as “natural” as I can and it sounds delicious!

  9. I have never heard of this product before and am so excited to try it. I am trying to go as “natural” as I can and it sounds delicious!

  10. I have never heard of this product before and am so excited to try it. I am trying to go as “natural” as I can and it sounds delicious!

  11. I have never heard of this product before and am so excited to try it. I am trying to go as “natural” as I can and it sounds delicious!

  12. Anonymous Anonymous

    This is a great product. When demoing here in Las Vegas I always recommend it to diabetics. They are always extremely grateful for this info. I use and love it myself.

  13. Char Char

    I visited their website and was very surprised to see how much less sugar we are eating using Xagave in their poundcake recipe.

  14. It sounds great. I'd love to try it. They belive in fair trade practices and also pay a fair trade price to the farmers from whom they utilize. Your blog is great.

  15. I am a follower and I have learned that Xagave is low on the Glycemic scale so it is diabetic friendly. Whoo Hoo for me. I am a diabetic and this would help me control my glucose much easier. I am in desperate need of this stuff.

  16. I follow xagave twitter


  17. I follow you on twitter


  18. I am a follower and I thought it was cool that Xagave contains calcium, since I have osteopenia and am always looking for ways to boost that. 🙂

  19. I am a loyal follower!!
    Checked out the Xagave website and learned that it has a very low glycemic index which I like. Can't wait to try the “Instant Painkiller” recipe! Reminds me of summer, which can't come quick enough to the frigid Midwest!!

  20. I'm a follower and like that Xagave promotes rise since gluten-free stuff can tend to be flat.

  21. I am a follower of Gluten Free Frenzy. And at the XAGAVE web sight I found it very interesting that the xagave contains many healthy properties and nutrients that sugar just dos'nt have as well as being lower in calories.
    And that you can use less oils saving even more calories

  22. Saja Saja

    I am a new follower of Gluten Free Frenzy; although I have had your site on my bookmark for months!
    I use agave sometimes, but I'd like to use it more as I'm trying to get away from sugar trying to avoid the sugar blues 🙁 I'm really excited that there are JAM recipes since we have make jam every summer for family and friends. It'll be perfect with GF crepes!

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