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What I’ve been craving…Yummy Caprese salad

This is such an easy lunch. It is very healthy, full of good vitamins, fats and other nutrients. It takes so fresh and clean, I recommend this after a Saturday or Friday night out where you just ate and ate (like I do on Friday and Saturday nights 🙂

2 organic tomatoes of your liking
Fresh mozzerella (still in the ball)
Fresh, organic basil
Balsamic vinegar (balsamic is gluten-free, the only that aren’t are malted vinegars)
Good quality olive oil
Real Salt to taste
Black pepper to taste

*Slice the tomatoes and mozzerella to the thickness you like and lay on the plate with every other being cheese. Chop the fresh basil and sprinkle on top. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Use Real Salt and black pepper to taste. Enjoy!


  1. Chandice,

    This looks so good! The presentation is gorgeous! Looks good enough to eat! We love Balsamic vinegar combined with the cheese, well, with all these ingredients. We have a standard salad dressing that is just balsamic vinegar with a good olive oil. And I have to add that the Real Salt is sooooo good!! Thank you, again, for introducing me to it!! It really does taste so much better!


  2. Love making that salad! We grow our own basil and our son LOVES to eat it right off the plant. He will ask…”is there basil in this” before eating something!:)

  3. I ate that almost everyday on the cruise for our honeymoon. This picture is so colorful, I could go for some now.

  4. This really is such a yummy salad. I am so glad so many of you love it too! 🙂 Sally, I am so glad you love the Real Salt, it truly is my FAVORITE product. We will be doing another giveaway with them this year. I can't wait! J+M+S that is hilarious your son says that!!! Basil is amazing though. Stacy, caprese salad anywhere exotic like a cruise makes it even tastier. 🙂 I ate so much of it while we were in Brazil.

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