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BIG giveaway!! Clearplay DVD player and Rocky Mountain Popcorn Giveaway!!!


I would like to share one of my very favorite products with all of you. I am combining it with one of my favorite gluten-free products to create a HUGE “Beginning 2010 off right” giveaway!!!

The Clearplay DVD player is seriously one of the greatest new products created. I have had the great pleasure of using over the last few years. My parents had one in their house when I was growing up and now my husband and I have one in our home. We have really loved having the opportunity to watch movies without having to sit through all the crummy stuff that is in alot of movies now days.
The Clearplay website says, “The ClearPlay DVD player seamlessly skips and mutes content based on 12 categories that you can set. ClearPlay Filters are hand-crafted by at team of Filter Developers who watch the movie and masterfully select where the player will remove content.
ClearPlay works with thousands of movies. New Filters are generally made available the same day as new releases. Filters are then made available to members via a very easy-to-use download process. You can then copy the entire Filter library to your FilterStikโ„ข. Once inserted into your ClearPlay player any movie will automatically be filtered. ClearPlay Filters are tailor-made to preserve the entertainment value of each film. Each Filter is screened multiple times to ensure that the integrity of the plot and story of the movie are maintained.”
We have enjoyed so many different movies with our Clearplay DVD player. There are so many different titles to choose from. Even the new releases are available to watch on Clearplay!!!

Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company offers many different gluten-free popcorn flavors. There are so many amazing flavors like White Cheddar and Carmel Corn. I am the biggest fan of White Cheddar. The flavor is so great! I want to share with all of you why this treat is one of the best.

The Rocky Mountain website says this about it’s popcorn, “It’s classically American, like no other snack, always a healthy, yummy, bag of fun. Who doesn’t say the word popcorn and smile? And popcorn is a whole grain snack, so go ahead and munch, guilt – free. Plus, Rocky Mountain Popcorn is all natural, gluten-free, and nut-free. Give yourself and your loved ones the very best in snacking; share the love with America’s favorite…Rocky Mountain Popcorn!”

Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company started over 20 years ago near Denver, CO. Long known, and much admired, as a great local product, the company grew by reputation until 2007, when it exploded onto the national scene, bringing the bold taste of the Rockies to a nation hungry for wholesome snacks.

Just like the website promised, Rocky Mountain Popcorn is real: itโ€™s light, fresh, crisp, and big… just like the mountains themselves. They company says that they find the biggest, moistest kernels they can, and only hot-air pop them. You can absolutely taste the quality of Rocky Mountain Popcorn. It’s delicately coated with natural flavors, and that’s it. Just the way it should be. There is no corn syrup or partially hydrogenated anything in Rocky Mountain Popcorn which I love.

This popcorn is the best I have ever eaten. I just love each flavor so much. I had to fight to get it because my family loved it so much too. I was lucky to get any! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your going to love this as much we all did!

For the giveaway, (1) one grand-prize winner will receive:

(1) Runner-up will receive:


All three are MANDATORY. You must complete all (3) each as separate comments to be entered to win.
1.) Become a follower on and let me know you did.
2.) Visit the Clearplay website and tell me the movie from the list of available ones that you would most like to see on Clearplay.
3.) Visit the Rocky Mountain Popcorn website and tell me the flavor you would most like to try.

EXTRA ENTRY: If you are just dying to win this and would like to receive an extra entry, tell me what it is about these two products that makes you want to win so badly. (I love hearing your great responses ๐Ÿ™‚

Can you believe it?! This is my huge “Beginning 2010 off right” giveaway. I would like to thank Rocky Mountain Popcorn and Clearplay for providing these amazing products for giveaway! This giveaway will end on Wednesday 1/6/2010 at 11:59 PM (MST) and is open to U.S. Readers only. Sorry, no P.O. Boxes. Good luck to all of you!!!


  1. > Following with Google Friend Connect
    > I would most like to see District 9 on Clearplay
    > I would most like to try White Cheddar
    *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  2. Movies and popcorn — there's nothing better, or close to nothing ๐Ÿ˜‰ They go together and I love them both! Watching movies is one of my favorite things to do — perhaps something I spend too much time on and do too often. Clearplay definitely has a terrific selection to feed my movie frenzy! Rocky Mountain Popcorn looks like the perfect food to watch with a good movie — thinking about it makes my tastebuds tremble!

  3. I follow your blog!!

  4. My parents have clearplay at their home and we love watching movies over there. It is so weird to watch a movie over there and then somewhere else…Wow…they do a great any number of the movies!

  5. I would like to try the Kettle corn (or maybe the white cheddar, I am having trouble deciding)

  6. The reason I really want to win this is to share it with my grandmother. Now in her 80s, she has been nostalgic for the movies she watched in her youth and I bet she would be blown away to see them on this system. Also, she is the biggest fan of popcorn I know. Seriously, I am not just saying that!

  7. Sarah Jefferds Sarah Jefferds

    EXTRA entry:

    Did I mention I was DYING to win?!! We need a new DVD player and the ClearPlay sure sounds like a winner! And popcorn……need I say more?! I'm just so thankful that it's gluten free….I can give up a lot of things, but if I had to give up popcorn I would be very sad. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone in the “G-FREE WORLD” out there!!!

  8. Sarah Jefferds Sarah Jefferds

    On Clearplay, I'd MOST like to see “My Sister's Keeper”. I just finished the book and would love to see the movie version.

  9. Sarah Jefferds Sarah Jefferds

    As for the popcorn, I'd for SURE pick White Cheddar! (I'm from Wisconsin so I'm a true “cheesehead” and this one sounds delicious!

  10. sarah Jefferds sarah Jefferds

    I'm one of your newest followers! I follow you on e-mail and your web-site.

  11. ~ I am now a follower!!!

    ~ I'd love to watch Julie & Julia on the Clear Play…I love food!

    ~ I love Caramel Corn, but would love to try their Red Chili popcorn…I love unique flavors!

    ~ I'd love to win this giveaway because I think using ClearPlay will make more movies available to our family, especially since we are expected to move Overseas one day! What a great way to keep up with all the great movies. And no movie is complete without Popcorn!!

  12. ~ I'd love to watch Julie & Julia on the Clear Play…I love food!

  13. I love Caramel Corn, but would love to try their Red Chili popcorn…I love unique flavors!

  14. ~ I'd love to win this giveaway because I think using ClearPlay will make more movies available to our family, especially since we are expected to move Overseas one day! What a great way to keep up with all the great movies. And no movie is complete without Popcorn!!

  15. Hi, became a follower Dec. 09. Attending the classes since you started in Gilbert Oct. 09. Love them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Would love to win the Clearplay DVD player, there are so many movies I would love to see or for my family to see, but we don't because of some of the content. Ton's of movies are on there list… YAY!!!!

  17. Would love to try the popcorn, White cheddar sounds good, but the Jalapeno sounds like it has some kick. Yummy!

  18. Extra Entry:

    I would love love love to win this package, this is the DVD system my 15 year old has been begging us to get. There are so many movie out there that we would let him see if the language or that one scene wasnโ€™t in the movie. Why put some of those images or the language in our kidโ€™s minds, or ours. Plus the pop corn would be an added bonus! You canโ€™t watch a movie without POPCORN!!! Thanks for all the work you do to give us the chance to even win these itemsโ€ฆ. You are making having to be Gluten free FUN! Celiac Jan, 12th 08. Two years Gluten Free and feeling great!! Thank you LORD! God Bless to all!

  19. I'd love to win the giveaway. Having the ability to screen some of the content in movies would be fantastic. I'd like to see Angels and Deamons. Clearplay does sound fantastic. Popcorn from the Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company would be wonderful. The white cheddar would be my pick. I've followed you for several months and do enjoy your site. Keep up the great work and have a wonderful New Year!

  20. The cake on your opening page was one of the main reasons I joined your blog. It's fantastic!

  21. The movie I'd most like to see on Clearplay is Angels and Deamons

  22. The popcorn I'd most like to try would be the White Cheddar. Thanks for the opportunity and have a Happy New Year!

  23. I want to see Harry Potter so bad…I missed it in the theaters. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I love kettle corn…but have a hard time finding good gluten free. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I would like to see Frost/Nixon, I heard it was really good.

  26. Since I don't watch rated R movies I would LOVE to have the Clearplay DVD player and membership. There are so many movies that come out that have a good story but they throw in too much bad stuff (violence/bad language/nudity). I also really love popcorn and nothing is better than popcorn + movies. Thanks!

  27. I really want to see Julie and Julia.


  28. I would have to try the Rocky Mountain Kettle Corn because I adore kettle corn.


  29. I'd like to watch “Julie and Julia” on the Clearplay

  30. I definitely want to try the Kettle corn flavor of popcorn!

  31. I want to win this movie and popcorn giveaway so badly because getting comfy on the couch, popping in a DVD, and munching on great popcorn is one of my absolute favorite thing s to do. Especially right now. We are having a record cold spell, so I don't even want to leave the house!


  32. I'm already a vocal follower of GF Frenzy!! Thank so much for this site!

  33. I'm a busy mom of three working full time and struggling with coping with leading a GF lifestyle among all my other stressors. Being able to sit and watch my choice of movie on my time and at the drop of a hat would be AMAZING! (not to mention I'm a sucker for almost any popcorn!)

  34. JAM JAM

    I am now following with Google Friend Connect…

  35. JAM JAM

    I would like to see Julie and Julia…

  36. JAM JAM

    Kettle Corn sounds yummy!

  37. JAM JAM

    Extra entry – I have never heard of clearplay – something new sounds fun!
    My hubby got a tin from The Popcorn Factory for Christmas, and there was a warning that it 'may contain wheat.' I was bummed I couldn't have gourmet popcorn!

  38. I would have to say the White Cheddar or the caramel. I should pick the white cheddar since I am going to try and go sugar free for awhile!

  39. I would do the harry Potters, that way my kids could see them without me having to worry so much.

  40. I'm a follower!

    I'd love to see the Night at the Museum (2) with my kiddos on Clearplay

    and try the white cheddar popcorn. yum!!

  41. I just became a follower.But I could not get any version of Internet Explorer to load your website.
    I wanted to become a follower so bad that I did the following.
    I downloaded ind installed the Linux Operating System XUBUNTU
    Then Installed The Foxfire browser and was able to load your site and clicked on the followers link and signed up on googlefriends. It wasn't easy to go through all this But I was determined as I love your web site.


  42. I had never heard of clearplayer either, but after visiting their website I want to get one and sign up for a membership.
    The Movie on their site that our family wants most to watch is
    It would be great to win this giveaway

  43. I am truly dying to win this.
    My autistic son LOVES popcorn and the flavored popcorn in the tins are the favorites but we limit them because of the unhealthy ingredients in them. He has been non verbal until recently where he is just starting to sound out words, his first two syllable word was popcorn! You can not mention the word popcorn in our house without him going to get the popcorn out of the cabinet or bring us a tin if we have one. How exciting that we could enjoy flavored popcorn without the hydrogenated oils or corn syrup!
    His Favorite Flavor on their site is
    Kettle Corn

  44. We have limited almost all tv viewing in our home to Christian Stations because even family Prime time programing has become SOOOOO objectionable.

    We want to win this ClearPlayer so we can filter out what we don't want in our home

    We want to win this PopCorn Because it does not have the unhealthy ingredients of most all other national brands

  45. I finally figured out to post comments after I became a follower today.

  46. We live almost 60 Miles from the nearest TV station. and since TV went Digital We get One Station Parttime. And we can't filter Satelite even if we had it. So winning this would bring TV/Movies that we would allow back Into our Home

  47. We have a gluten sinsitive sone that truly loves popcorn that is why we like to win

  48. Our favorite Popcorn flavor would be Carmel

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