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Betty Crocker winner!!!

#5 MitchSalli you are the winner of the Betty Crocker giveaway!!! Please e-mail me with you full name and address at [email protected] within 48 hrs. to claim your prize. Congratulations and happy new year!!!



  1. Sarah Jefferds Sarah Jefferds

    I am one of your newest followers and I am entering your new 2010 BIG giveaway….watching movies and eating yummy popcorn are two of my most favorite activities when I have free time. I teach preschool and have 2 children of my own, so there's not a ton of free time to be had, but this would sure make it more fun! Our DVD player is dying a “slow death” and keeps “freezing” DVD's in the middle of the movie….very frustrating! I'm DYING to win because we don't have funds to buy a new DVD player right now, so a Clearplay DVD player is just what the doctor ordered! We are one of the very few people who don't have cable tv, (it seems that way anyway!), and there sure isn't much to watch on regular tv, which is why I love to watch movies!! Having two children at home, we rarely go to the movie theatre, so usually just wait until the movies are released on DVD. Rocky Mountain Popcorn would be like “icing on the cake!” (gluten-free cake of course!!) to watching a movie on a new player!!
    Actually, they ALL sound pretty yummy!!)

  2. Sarah Jefferds Sarah Jefferds

    I would like to watch “My Sister's Keeper”…just finished the book and want to see the movie version

  3. sarah Jefferds sarah Jefferds

    As for the popcorn, I'd for SURE pick White Cheddar! (I'm from Wisconsin so I'm a true “cheesehead” and this one sounds delicious!

  4. Hi, I live in Charlotte, NC and I can't believe I've never heard of the Clearplay DVD player. How neat it sounds. I'd love to see the movie Angels and Deamons on Clearplay. The popcorn from Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company sounds wonderful. White cheddar would be my pick. I started following your blog a couple of months ago and have really enjoyed it. The cake on the opening page looks fantastic. Hope you and yours have a great NEW YEAR!

  5. I just became a follower.But I could not get any version of Internet Explorer to load your website.
    I wanted to become a follower so bad that I did the following.
    I downloaded ind installed the Linux Operating System XUBUNTU
    Then Installed The Foxfire browser and was able to load your site and clicked on the followers link and signed up on googlefriends. It wasn't easy to go through all this But I was determined.


  6. I had never heard of clearplayer either, but after visiting their website I want to get one and sign up for a membership.
    The Movie on their site that our family wants most to watch is
    It would be great to win this giveaway

  7. I am truly dying to win this.
    My autistic son LOVES popcorn and the flavored popcorn in the tins are the favorites but we limit them because of the unhealthy ingredients in them. He has been non verbal until recently where he is just starting to sound out words, his first two syllable word was popcorn! You can not mention the word popcorn in our house without him going to get the popcorn out of the cabinet or bring us a tin if we have one. How exciting that we could enjoy flavored popcorn without the hydrogenated oils or corn syrup!
    His Favorite Flavor on their site is
    Kettle Corn

  8. We have limited almost all tv viewing in our home to Christian Stations because even family Prime time programing has become SOOOOO objectionable.

    We want to win this ClearPlayer so we can filter out what we don't want in our home

    We want to win this PopCorn Because it does not have the unhealthy ingredients of most all other national brands

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