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Thanksgiving Leftovers~Turkey Pot Pie

1 unbaked gluten-free pie crust from when you make your Thanksgiving pies (I like Gluten Free Pantry brand)
leftover turkey, shredded
leftover veggies, diced (carrots, corn, peas…whatever you’ve got goes)
leftover gravy, that’s right, you are finally going to use leftover gravy!!!
leftover mashed potatoes
Real Salt to taste
black pepper to taste

*In a bowl combine leftover veggies diced up with your leftover gravy to make a pie filling. If you need extra liquid add some gluten-free turkey, veggie or chicken stock. Add Real Salt and black pepper to taste. Pour veggie pie filling into unbaked gluten-free pie crust. Spread leftover mashed potatoes on top. Bake 40-45 minutes in 400 degree oven until pie crust is done. You just used leftover gravy! Can you believe it!!! That amazing gravy from drippings doesn’t have to go to waste!

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