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Remembering past Valentines days…

Valentines day 2005 was the best day! I flew from Utah to New Jersey to see my sweet boyfriend, Josh, who I had been away from for over 4 months while I was serving in Ukraine. Josh knew that ever since I was a little girl, Valentines had always been my favorite holiday. I surprised him the morning of with all kinds of fun treats like heart shaped cookies. I kept waiting all day for him to do something sweet for me but nothing! Finally after dinner at Chilies (same place we went on our first date) we got back to his house and I walked in to candles lit everywhere! Roses, rose petals and a video waiting to be played. He turned the video on that HE had made and it played our songs with a slide show of all our pictures and some video. He included video of him saying when he knew I was the one. At the end the date July, 9th came up on the screen. I turned to look at him and he was down on his knee! My sweetheart proposed to me then and there. It was amazing!

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