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Extra entries to the giveaways? What?!

That’s right I have decided to make a special reward for all you amazing fans who enter giveaways on my website. I want to thank all of you by offering a reward. For every 3 giveaways in a row you enter, I will give you TWO extra entries on the fourth giveaway you enter!!! You heard me right, I will just give you TWO extra entries for the fourth giveaway you enter! I am starting this from last giveaway too, which means many of you are on your second giveaway already! Remember we do two giveaways a month so this means that every two months you get an extra 2 entries, wow! To get you even more excited, if you entered our last giveaway (Pamela’s Products) let me just tell you which giveaway you will get extra entries on…our BIG Betty Crocker Christmas giveaway! What a great one to get extra entries to right? Be sure to enter this giveaway and the next to get your 3 in a row to earn extra entries on the BIG Betty Crocker Christmas giveaway! Just a way to thank you all and say that I appreciate your entries each and every giveaway. The more people we have entering the more great gluten-free giveaways we will have. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. Woo Hoo! I can't wait to see what's in this BIG Betty Crocker Christmas giveaway!! 🙂

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