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Leftover alert! Shredded Beef Taco soup

This recipe can be made from the leftover top round roast you have from the crock pot Italian shredded beef. Or you can just make it with any beef (ground or shredded) you have. I honestly made this in 10 minutes with the leftover meat!

2-3 c. leftover shredded top round roast
2 c. corn
2 cans red beans
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can green chilies (only if you like spicy)
2 c. gluten free, organic beef broth
1 Tbls. chili powder
1 Tbls. cumin
1 tsp. Real Salt
1 tsp. Real garlic salt
2 Tbls. dried or fresh onion
1 tsp. paprika

Combine all ingredients. Heat until hot. Serve with fresh cilantro, gluten free tortilla chips, raw cheese and organic sour cream. Presto!


  1. This looks REALLY good!
    Thanks for dropping by & leaving the comment on my blog! I have another one for gluten free recipes that isn't nearly as spectacular as yours but I have fun with it 🙂

  2. Your site is getting better and better all the time with soooo many great recipes and info. Thanks so much!

  3. YUM! I never thought to make taco flavored soup.

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