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BLUE DIAMOND nut thin cracker GIVEAWAY!!!

Kick off football season right with Blue Diamonds Nut Thin crackers! These amazing, crackers are more than just a snack. You can use them as breadcrumbs in your favorite recipes. You can crumble them over a salad or in a bowl of soup. You can top them with your favorite ingredients and serve them as hors d’oeuvres. (I love to top them with a dab of pizza sauce, a slice of mozzarella and a piece of pepperoni…mmm!!!) Blue Diamond Nut Thin crackers are a great snack on the go too. My family and I love to take them on all our road trips. Easy, convenient and soooo tasty!

The best thing about Nut Thin crackers is that they are gluten-free!!! If you eat gluten-free you know how hard it is to find a great tasting cracker, Nut Thins are the answer. They are the only gluten-free cracker I have had to use so far because I love them so much, I have no need to try anything else! My non-Celiac husband even loves them! (That’s saying a lot, because he is picky! 🙂

As proud sponsors of the Celiac Disease Foundation and the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) Blue Diamond is committed to paying close attention to the ingredients they use and making sure they meet all gluten-free, wheat-free standards. These great crackers are made primarily of rice flour and nuts. They are available in 6 different flavors. Have I convinced you of how great these crackers are yet? Are you ready to get an ENTIRE CASE of crackers (every flavor included) for yourself?! There will be 3, that’s right, THREE WINNERS this giveaway!!! Here’s how to enter:

1. Become a follower on Gluten Free Frenzy’s blog OR have someone you know become a follower, leave their name and yours. (If your not already a follower, please become one as you participate in this great giveaway, thank you! 🙂

2. Become a fan of Blue Diamond Growers on Facebook.

3. Become a fan of Gluten Free Frenzy on Facebook.

4. Post about this giveaway on your blog, Facebook or Twitter with a link back to us and leave us a link to it. (3 extra entries for completing this step during this giveaway!!!)

5. Visit and tell me the flavor of cracker that sounds best to you.

1. I am a follower on gluten free frenzy’s blog.
2. I am a fan of Blue Diamond on Facebook.
And so on…

*If you have any questions just post to me. Also, existing fans, and followers of Gluten Free Frenzy you MUST submit that you follow or are a fan to have it count as an entry. I can’t go through everyone and submit their entry just for being a fan on my own, so please post that you are already a fan or follower if you are and specify to what (ex. Facebook, blog…) THIS IS A BLOG GIVEAWAY SO ALL ENTRIES TO WIN MUST BE DONE ON THIS BLOG POST…

*Giveaway ends Sunday September 20th, 2009. Sorry, but this giveaway is open to U.S. readers only. (The package is too big to have to mail worldwide 🙂


  1. Awesome. I love giveaways! Blue Diamond is such a great company and the smokehouse nut thins are one of my favorites. I tweeted a link to your post about this: link since I already follow your blog and don't use facebook. Anyhow, keep up the great posts! Oh and have you checked out GFree TV yet? It's my gluten free product review show.

  2. Oh and just in case here's my full tweet: “Don't miss this gluten free giveaway!: #gfree #celiac” I am @debzaz on twitter.

  3. Jennifer Richardson Jennifer Richardson
  4. I am a fan of Blue Diamond Growers, on Facebook!

  5. I am a fan of Gluten Free Frenzy on Facebook! How awesome!

  6. I am a follower of the Gluten Free Frenzy blog! Pecan Thins ROCK!

  7. Lee Lee
  8. Lee Lee
  9. I am a fan on facebook.

  10. These would be for my son and he LOVES the cheddar ranch!


  11. I just signed up to follow and I love the Blue Diamond Crackers–because I have other allergies to soy, garlic, onion–I'm kinda limited but I love the almond ones!

  12. I am a follower of this great blog as of today.. yay.

  13. I am a fan of blue diamond on facebook.

  14. I became a fan today of Gluten Free Frenzy on facebook.

  15. best cracker.. country ranch..I visited but I don't need to.. I eat them every day!!!!

  16. I like to see these delicious pictures. It keeps me motivated to keep eating healthy, but yummy.

  17. Follower of the blog!

  18. Best flavor of cracker— tie between cheddar cheese and Smokehouse. I've got the Almond ones in my pantry– ADDICTING!!

    Awesome contest!!

  19. Here you go, I'll be your 30th entry.

    I think the country ranch flavor or the smokehouse flavor sounds good. Or the

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