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Great Article…

We recently moved and the house is still a crazy mess! I will get a new recipe up very soon but in the meantime here is a great article that I thought many of you would be interested in…
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Research shows celiac disease can cause brittle bones in children. Can a gluten-free diet correct it?
A teenage gymnast is completing an exercise at the US Nationals gymnastics competition. At seventeen years of age, she is one of the top athletes in the country, physically strong and incredibly fit.

Both her wrists fracture during the dismount.

Doctors test her bone density to find out why her bones broke so easily. Although she is just a teenager, she is diagnosed with osteopenia, the precursor to osteoporosis and a bone disorder that normally afflicts people over 55. She has never had gastrointestinal issues, but her doctors test her for celiac disease anyway because something is obviously wrong with the way she is absorbing and/or metabolizing calcium.

The result: Positive.

This true story was related to the author by the young woman. At this point, she was 24. She denied ever experiencing any of the symptoms that are frequently associated with celiac disease – no irritable bowel, no bloating, no diarrhea, no growth problems – yet chronic malabsorption of calcium and other nutrients had robbed her bones of the nutrients they needed to be strong.

Here is the rest of the article. It is worth a look not only because it explains osteopenia in children, but because it illustrates why every family member of someone with celiac disease should be tested…even if they don’t have “symptoms.”

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