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Grocery/Product Suggestions

I have sooo many food/product suggestions through my trial and error. I have spent lots of money on gross tasting products. My goal is to make sure you don’t have to go through the same time and money that I did to get to a great product. Here are some of my top product choices. Click on the pictures to be directed to the companies websites!


  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Red Robin does have a Gluten Free menu, and is very careful making your entree, would recommend it a a very safe palce to eat GF.

    The manager at our Texas Road House did not want to work with us or have us dine there.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    My little friend went to Olive Garden in CA for what they advertise as their Wheat & Gluten Free menu and became very sick. Come to find out they use the same pots to cook pasta in as they do their Wheat & Gluten Free dishes with no special cleaning performed!!!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    I just found out from my local Zpizza's that their gluten free pizza's are NOT made in a gluten free kitchen. The GF crust is 100% GF, but if you have strong sensitivity to cross-contamination this isn't the place for you!

  4. Great comments, thank you so much!

  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    On The Border is not a good/safe place to go. The only option for an entree are the fajitas and they you can't have the onions becasue they use soy sauce on the onions. Just makes me wonder about the kitchen and cross contamination and why would a Mexican rest. use soy sauce? Also, the chicken is pressed!

  6. Anonymous Anonymous

    A great Mexican restaurant is Chipotle (bowls only). Baja Fresh is great and sauces are all good gluten free (corn tortillas only)Spaghetti Factory cooks the gluten free pasta in separate pots, not the same ones that have the gluten pasta. And also, the best gluten free pasta is Tinkyada!

  7. Sadly, I agree about On the Border. I will not be going back. Dry salad with hardly anything on it…no thanks. 🙁 Thanks for the comments!

  8. My daughter and I went to the Open House at the GLUTEN FREE COUNTRY STORE and they sell an awesome loaf of white sandwich bread named “Udi's” It taste like regular white sandwich bread. It's not dense like most GF bread. A must for sandwich lovers! Also, yeah that Julia has her GF cinnamon rolls back!

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  11. Popbar located on 5, Carmine Street in West Village, New York is a great place that offers gluten-free gelato on a stick. Not only they are gluten-free, popbars contain no preservatives and no artificial flavors or coloring. The products are made daily fresh right in the store and are available in 26 rotating flavors. Their popSorbetto's are vegan certified and are made with more than 70% of real fruit. This is a very pleasant place that offers healthier alternative to ice-cream and froyo.

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